Using Tombows as a Watercolor: Video


Tombow has twelve new Dual Brush Pen colors out for 2019. Let me show you how to use them to make beautiful watercolor backgrounds you can tangle on. I will include photos showing how they look once dry after the video. These round tiles are 3.5″ in diameter. So much smaller than what you may… Continue Reading

Retro Flowers on Hahnemühle Cappuccino #hahnemühle


This is the original project I built on a page in the Hahnemühle Grey Book. Just as the name implies – the pages are grey in color. With a weight of 55 lbs., I didn’t know  what to expect when adding wet media but this paper worked like a champ! The book wrap says the paper has a non-absorbing… Continue Reading

My Style of Printemps


A faithful reader named Barb asked me to video the way I tangle printemps. I hope this will make sense and encourage you to give my printemps style a try.  Need a tangle place to hang out? I admin a Facebook group called Tangle All Around. We have a great membership of encouragers and inspirers. Come… Continue Reading

Two Tangles For You #tanglepatterns


 I am hoping to transition all my tangles over to teal boxes like these two. I just like teal. Hahahaha! Here are steps for making All Boxed Up with straight lines and with wonky lines. Super versatile tangle. You can seriously use it so  many ways. I used it in yesterday’s post as well. Feel free to… Continue Reading

Draw My Tangle Ribbon Rose


Here is my new tangle I’ve named Ribbon Rose. Easy to draw, versatile and beautiful. I hope you enjoy the video. I would love to see what you do with Ribbon Rose.  Added 9-9-2018:  It has been brought to my attention that Ribbon Rose is similar to Helen Williams’ tangle Crumpled Rose. It was not my… Continue Reading