Time? I’m Late!

What to do when the ATC prompt is time? Hahaha! The words ‘I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!‘ kept running through my head and sent me spiraling down the rabbit hole! Eek!

Hahaha! Don’t worry! I’m almost out of Alice in Wonderland papers. But the theme of time definitely sent me to Alice’s White Rabbit. I still love these backgrounds I made for ATCs and thought once again this was the perfect choice. After sending all my possible pieces through the sticker machine I got to work!

I forget about washi tape so many times. And this time – hehehehe – I wanted to use some to depict time. Before you ask, no, I do not know what this organizer is called. I do remember I purchased it at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section. You can sometimes find them in sporting goods departments of stores where they are masquerading as tackle boxes. They make great storage for washi tapes.

This cute tape had a watch and that was as close to time as I could come. So I wrapped it all the way around and attached it on the backside. I like how you can still see the splatters through the tape.

This steampunk looking clock face came as part of some scrapbook elements I’ve had on hand. You have seen this clock before. I think I still have one more.

I trimmed away the excess and inked the edges with a cattail colored Dyestress Ink Pad.

Someone asked me recently if thin papers worked with the sticker machine. The piece I added – crookedly, apparently – is a page from a Korean dictionary. It is thin. When you peel the sticker paper backing off – it is just a little harder to get an edge to pull, but you can remove it without tearing the paper. I have never messed up yet – fingers crossed and eyes crossed, too! Just in case, you know.

That cattail ink pad finished off those edges and I scuffed some color on the Korean characters to age them a bit.

The last thing to do was add my White Rabbit and some words. Hahaha! Late!

But that time block was a little too pristine. Some black ink took care of that. And while I was at it, I added some black around the edges a bit, too. The brown cattail is still there but it got some oomph! from the black. I guess it was time for some teamwork with the inks! Hahahahahaha!

Washi Tape ATC

When Creative Crafty Friends posted a prompt for a washi tape ATC my brain went straight to some sampler journal pages I made last year. I grabbed my washi organizers and got straight to work!

My plan was to entirely cover up the ATC base. Just in case there were going to be any gaps, I thought a black 2.5″ x 3.5″ base would be the ticket! The only other accessory I wanted was some bling! Years ago, Michael’s discontinued a bunch of bling pieces and was selling them for twenty-five cents each. And I hadn’t used one in a long time. This butterfly is the one I chose to work with.

I knew I wanted to go with florals because of the butterfly. In my Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game I am playing, the butterflies flock around the flowers. Hahaha! So I needed lots of flowers for my awesome butterfly! I tore off a strip and added it in place, wrapping the ends around to the back.

And I just kept stacking. Overlapping here and there. Yes, that one strip is a little bit crooked. Oh well. It just is.

I have some beautiful oriental floral tapes and I included a couple here. The black washi is really striking in person. And the violet one just under the trees is my favorite of all my washi tapes.

As with all my ATCs, I inked the edges. Hahahaha! With black Archival ink. Seriously, I had no idea if the color would adhere to the washi tape, but it did great!

And because I wanted to grunge it up a bit, I used a cattail colored Dyestress Ink Pad to scuff some color on the surface and a little on the edges.

Here I was playing with placement for the butterfly. These pieces are stuck onto clear acetate, so it is easy to move the element around without worrying about it actually sticking in place.

You can see in this photo how the gems are set up as a unit. Underneath them is one solid adhesive piece of clear. Really makes it easy to deal with. Just lift it gently off the acetate . . .

. . . and pop it into place! This butterfly is stuck forever. Hahaha! A fun, quick ATC to put together and I really love it! All my colors, my favorite washi tape, some bling and ink! What more could you ask for?

Zen-untangled! Week 20

We are moving fast with our Zen-untangled! project. Week twenty of twenty-five weeks. We will take a break week next week then finish the last five weeks strong! Learning all 170 zentangle patterns and making beautiful books to help us remember. Let me show you my week 20 pages.

I love the patterns this week! I tried to group them in sets of seven that work well together. Wasn’t always successful but it worked this week. I made this background using bleeding tissue paper and water, on Hahnemühle‘s Harmony hot pressed watercolor paper. The mermaid is a digital stamp colored with Copic markers.

This tissue colored background page is one I included in More Tangle Starts. I really like this background and wanted to include it in my keepsake tangle book. And this little mermaid is one of my favorite digital stamps! The tangles this week work great for underwater themes and garden themes, as well as tangling using a string.

I kept my tile for the week simple. The tile itself came to me from Jules Mack. I’ve used several of her tiles in my book so far.

I recently noticed I never posted my pages for week 11. I have several people working the project from here on this website. Not Facebook users and that is ok. I just don’t want them to miss out on these awesome week 11 patterns.

Finery is one of my favorite tangles from Zentangle.

This was a fun piece from Joggles that I watercolored using my Schmincke colors. This girl needs to get a little sun on those shoulders. Hahahaha!

Here is the full page. Love the rice paper background! I think I posted about how I did this earlier.

And my tiles for the week. That catches me up with the project. Break week next, then we will go hard for five weeks. I am really loving my book! I may do a video reveal of the entire thing at the end. I wonder if I remember how to do that. Hahahahaha!

Hahnemühle product with purchase links

Paper Bag Book From Karen

Not long ago I showed you the paper bag book I made for our swap group. Everyone designs these books differently with the one constant feature being the book is built literally of paper bags. Today I want to show you the book I received from Karen Rushton. I absolutely love it and I think you can figure out why as you look through the pages. 

Karen’s cover. And she used alcohol inks! Yes! I loved it instantly. 

Karen took full advantage of those pockets created by the opening side of the bags. I like how she tangled portions and left plenty of space for me to create as well. And there are dragons!!! The two loose pieces were tucked inside the bag opening. And one is alcohol ink! And a hidden Mickey!

We are learning these tangle patterns in Tangle All Around right now. Love that mandala Karen made!

Isn’t her watercolor bird cool! Can’t wait to tangle it!

And a gold mine page! Hahaha! Dragons! I love them all! And that beautiful flower and the tile and ephemera papers. This book is going to be so much fun for me! I really like the quotes, too. I am totally a quote or sayings person.

And Karen remembered I love steampunk! Actually this may be the first page I work on.

Quirky birds are fun! And I can make four because Karen gave me four watercolor blobs to make them with! And another dragon to tangle! Yes!

And another dragon found in Karen’s watercolor blob. Cool! I love the tangled flower too! Karen, you inspire me with your fabulous paper bag book!

Karen included some wonderful pieces in this book! Even these three circles will turn into some tangled art. I plan on working in this book starting today. It is going to be so much fun! I can’t say thank you enough, Karen! <3