Zen-untangled! Week 24

Week 24! Eek!!! We have almost completed our 25 week journey learning the 170 zentangle patterns. So hard to believe the end is almost here. It has been a thrilling journey, we have learned so much. And it isn’t too late to join us. Let me show you my week 24 pages.

It was my hope for each person to make a book recording all 170 patterns – in the style they are comfortable with. For me that means a lot of color and extras thrown in! Hahaha! I tried to give a tidbit of information about each pattern to the group. That’s Tangle All Around on Facebook. We are all about learning and helping each other.

A lot of people are making these books of patterns and every one is different. According to how they like to work.

Each week there have been seven patterns and a string to complete. And even though we are almost done – the project will always be there. You can still join us. Just click here and answer three little questions that tell me you are a person and not a machine. Hope to see you there!

Zen-untangled! Week 23

We are in the home stretch now with Zen-untangled! Just two more weeks after this one. So many people have been working hard to learn all 170 zentangle patterns. I am so stinking proud of every single one of them! Let me show my week 23 pages.

The two pieces that look like lace are actually paper embellishments made for me by Dayna Sharp.

Having serious issues with the internet so let me leave you with no words of explanation. Hahahahahaha! Have a great week!

Digi Dolls ATCs

The prompt in Creative Crafty Friends this time was digital dolls ATCs. Digital stamps of girls turned into 2.5″ x 3.5″ pieces of art. Right up my alley, yes? I knew exactly what I wanted to do. And to get started I pulled out some of those cards I showed you yesterday.

First of all I made my digi dolls. A few years ago I purchased quite a few digital stamps from an artist called the Saturated Canary. I love her art! I wish she still made these stamps available, but she does not. I needed three ATCs, so I picked three images.

After printing them out, I brought out my Copic markers for the color. Fun! I didn’t worry too much about coloring outside the lines because my plan was to run the girls through the sticker machine and cut them out.

I have decided when I make ATCs for a swap that I would make at least one to keep. This girl just called my name, so I made two of her. One to swap and one to keep.

These are some of the cards I showed you yesterday. All I did extra was ink the edges, add some words, and an outline sticker.

Aren’t they adorable? I kept the one all the way to the right for myself. I used this card as an example yesterday showing my dab and stab technique with the stencil. So much fun! And easy, too.

My daughter is arriving tomorrow. Haven’t seen her in two years. She will be here for a week so you might not hear from me for a bit. I will try to post my week 23 pages for Zen-untangled tomorrow. Hopefully. Stay safe, everyone!

More Color Explosion

Several months ago I showed you some cards I was making as part of a class called 52 You. So much color! So much pretty all in one post! Today I want to show you how I am using some of these cards. And some steps I added since the post back in January.

Here is a refresher shot to remind you where I started with these cards. Just simple card stock, nothing fancy for the base. Some acrylic paints, a paintbrush and sometimes I used my fingers. And I used a couple posca paint pens. About this point in time the lessons stopped showing up in my inbox. The year long class just stopped arriving. And no new lessons have been posted online. So I just went with what I thought would work and started using my cards in other projects.

Specifically in my journal Bible. These cards are 2.5″ x 3.5″, the same size as ATCs. I purchased a Christian devotion type book at a used bookstore and used an exacto knife to cut out these words. Then I adhered them to the card using Dina Wakley’s clear gesso and my flat rubber knife called a paint shaper. Gesso on the card first, then place the words the way you want them, then more gesso over the top to seal the words in place.

Here is a second one I worked on. Using this technique I didn’t think the whole verse would fit so I went with key words.

Currently I am working in this journaling Bible. The pages are a little over 9″ square and there is plenty of room to work. The margins are 3.75″ wide and the pages are heavier than other journaling Bibles. The spiral allows the book to lie flat when open.

I used some scor tape to adhere the card in place on this page in my Bible. This mildliner from Zebra Pen works great for highlighting – no bleed thru to the back.

For the second verse I got a little more creative. I hadn’t tried decoupaging in a Bible yet and wanted to see if it would work. I guess this technique of glueing is basically decoupage. Anyway, I chose this sheet of rice paper from Joggles for my background.

After tearing a strip the size I wanted, I used that same clear gesso – I use it for everything! – and added the rice paper to my page. Clear gesso on the page, place the rice paper, then more gesso over the top to seal. These pages in this particular book are heavier, but I still had some issue with wonky ruffling of the page, so I used my awesome little Hahnemühle binder clips to hold down the edges while I dried this with my heat gun.

Once everything was good and dry I added the card with some scor tape.

Fun and easy addition to my Bible. I have tangled and written and painted in my Bible before.

I wanted to do more with my cards! When this COVID stuff showed up I lost most of my desire to draw and tangle, and I resorted to making color. Hahaha! It is my go-to when I’m stuck. So I made more cards. This time I brought out my neon craft paints – from Walmart – probably around a dollar a bottle. And you can see from these why I don’t try to paint pictures. Hahahahaha! I have no control at all. But I had a lot of fun!

I added those cards into my stack of other cards and started working on mark making. There are so many ways to add details. I mentioned Posca Paint Pens before, here I went with this ATC stencil from Joggles.

I used a sponge dabber to dab and stab some black Archival ink through that stencil. So much fun!

You can get the idea from this photo. Anything is fair game. Gel pens, highlighters, sponges and stencils, tangling, any medium you are comfortable with. Grab it and add some details. And they don’t have to be wonderful to look great. Mine are the perfect example of that. I just had fun and you can tell that by looking. No, they are not perfect. No, my lines are not straight. No, my circles are not round. Hahahahaha! Not even close! But I had a great time!

Remember I said these are ATC size? Well that gave me another idea. An idea that required black paint.

And my trash plate. Hahahahaha! I squirted some black acrylic paint onto the plate and sprayed in some water. Then mixed it together with my fan brush.

And made splatters all over my cards. And my desk top. Which is why you cover your work space. I have these large pieces of craft mat that I keep on my desk when I work. All those splats of ink just wipe off the mat.

I love the way it looks with the splatters!

This is a favorite. I am going to use it for John 3:16. Yep. Actually I may make some more of these today. They don’t take long at all. And I have three ATCs I need bases for – for a swap – and these might be perfect! You should give it a try!