Neurotangled Blob


So my go-to in my spare time now seems to be neurotangling. It does take concentration but is so relaxing! This is what I worked on yesterday.

I began by setting up my string like I have shown you in several other posts now. And honestly this is the hardest part, making sure all those little connectors are filled in and that there are enough lines. The rest just kind of falls into place.

I am still working in the journal I made using Bristol Illustration paper from Hahnemühle. I love this journal! The pages are 7.5″ x 5.5″ which is really the perfect size for the way I like to work. I used Ecoline Brush Pens and water for the color. Then I tangled some sections with a Tombow Mono Drawing pen, keeping the tangles to a minimum helps make it all work together. Just three patterns and it is complete!

I am still rethinking this whole social media thing. Days that I can post here haven’t been as often since COVID hit. GoDaddy doesn’t seem to be consistent and there are many days I can not connect at all. But I will keep posting when I can since this website is paid for two years in advance. It sure would be nice it if actually worked most days. AND I am working very hard on the next book. Hopefully it will be available come December.

Bristol Illustration paper and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links

18 thoughts on “Neurotangled Blob

  1. You are doing a great job keeping up with everything! Glad when I see your posts come through!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like the way those extra bits of rounding within the internal auras adds weight to the whole.


    • yes, this will be a book of around 500 tangle patterns from all around the world. a second volume to the one I did last year. so far there are close to 60 artists involved

  4. I understand I have been without connection off and on for over a month. I am so far behind now I cannot catch up. Grateful I know the files will be there when connection is better. What ever you decide to do, We will understand Alice. You have done an amazing job and we are all grateful. Never forget that. We appreciate you leadership and the journey together. I personally thank you for it.

    • I need to do something about a website that works all the time. not sure what yet. I’ve already tried two different paid avenues and have not been successful.

  5. This is beautiful! I have been so busy working, I have not had time to do art in about a month. Seeing all your wonderful art keeps me going! I appreciate what you do! Good luck with the internet and such. Can’t wait to see the new book❤️

  6. Alice, do you know of “The Postman’s Knock” aka TPK? (If not, I recommend you visit it at It’s a delightful calligraphy-based site run by Lindsey Bugbee.) Her husband, Hernan, is (among other things) a software developer who has created a new email marketing platform he calls Boldermail. I suggest you visit and look down through the entire Home page. PERHAPS this would work for you!

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