Moving to a New Website


Effective immediately I am moving to a different posting platform. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in following my artwork. I would ask you to please come to the new page and subscribe there. COVID has caused too many problems with this hosting site and email services and I just can not recover from… Continue Reading



Thinking about changes. Which changes to make and what to change over to. I am not even sure this post will work. COVID has been a never ending issue for my website. I have been through two hosting sites and two email services and have made phone call after phone call. I am not going… Continue Reading

Art Journaling the Leftovers


Art journaling using leftovers? Yep! Don’t throw those scraps away. You never know when they might come in handy. Yesterday I made two art journal pages for a swap – using items left from other projects. Let me show the first one and tell you how I made it. As you might be aware –… Continue Reading

Glamour Additions, Week Nine


Time has really flown past as we have been working on our glamour additions for tangling. Ways to take our tangle art up a notch, little details that make a huge difference. This week we will work on dingbatz and dingsplatz. Sound nuts? Hahahaha! It is ok to say yes. Want to find out what… Continue Reading

Smooshing Bubbles


I am always looking for new ways to add color to my art. Bright, beautiful, in your face color. Hahaha! Yep! It’s true! Yesterday I tried smooshing bubbles and it worked like a charm – let me show you! Supplies are very basic. I work on a non-stick surface. For me that means a craft… Continue Reading

Glamour Additions, Week Eight!


We have two great techniques to play with this week in our Glamour Additions journey. And, just two more weeks to go! The trek has gone by fast! Let me show you what we have for week eight. Let’s begin with my pages for the week. I admin a group on Facebook called Tangle All… Continue Reading

Neurotangled Blob


So my go-to in my spare time now seems to be neurotangling. It does take concentration but is so relaxing! This is what I worked on yesterday. I began by setting up my string like I have shown you in several other posts now. And honestly this is the hardest part, making sure all those… Continue Reading