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I am still working on neurotangling over here in Maine. Doing a lot of other things, too, because my plate is always full. And neurotangling helps me relax. This week I needed to make a couple art journal pages for a swap and I thought neurotangling would fit the bill. Let me show you.

I began with this lovely page made using Ecoline Brush Pens and my smoosh technique using an acrylic stamp block. Don’t know what that is? Stampers use them – they adhere their clear stamp on the clear acrylic block and it allows them to see exactly where they are placing the stamp. I tried to get into stamping years ago and as a result I have acrylic blocks in every size you can think of. And now I can finally use them for smooshing color.

I began with a Sharpie Fine Point and made my loopy, curvy line all over the paper. One thing I like about neurotangling is anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter if you are artistic or not. You can draw a squiggly, curvy line.

The next step is to add some shapes. I made ovals and circles. And yes, I did use a template. I don’t always, but I did this time.

Next I added some lines that stretched from side to side. And one that went from top to bottom. At this point you want your lines to go off the page.

Anywhere the lines cross over each other – add rounding. Just draw a curvy fill line and color it in. Make sure you get them all. This one step alone really makes the piece of art.

In a couple places, draw a line from one of those fills and loop it off the paper. Add fills where you need to.

And this is what my page looked like. I love it! But I wanted to tangle parts of the page. And I do tend to go overboard. Hahahaha!

So I didn’t tangle every section. Hahahaha! In some areas I added auras and line weight. And then I shaded using colored pencils.

To finish this art journal page I splatted some black acrylic ink all over it.

Here is my second page for the swap. I started with a blank white paper, and added the neuro lines and corner fills. For this one I used Ecoline Brush Pens – the same ones I used in the first piece – and a water brush to spread the color. I love these pens! So bright and vibrant!

And with the black ink splatters. All done. I love the fact I used the same brush pens for color on each. But they look so different depending on how the color is applied. Both pages were made on Bristol Illustration paper from Hahnemühle. That’s it for today. Still having trouble posting. I’m thinking about going back to blogger to make posts.

8 thoughts on “Neurotangle Art Journaling

  1. I love what you’re doing with the neurotangles! I’ve thought about going back to Blogger, but I won’t do it until it’s tine to pay again. Not sure I have faith that Blogger will be any better though.

    • I can’t believe how much money I’ve paid and I still have the hardest time making a post. And anytime I start to call them and get a tech on the phone – it starts working again.

  2. I see why you’re becoming addicted to creating these pieces, Alice! Looks easy & fun plus no planning … oh, just like Zentangle!!!

    I just saw today that CZT Jennifer Cottrell, through TangleU Productions, will be teaching a class called “Intuitive Abstraction for ZIA” using this “Neurographica” method on 9/13/20.

  3. I can see you’re just having great fun with colour & letting the tangles take care of themselves once you get to that point. Certainly there’s plenty of practice for the rounding technique.

    • haha! there is that! plenty of practice and I find I need more practice. some of those fills get pretty big as I try to make them look right. hahaha!

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