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You already know I am involved with a bunch of swaps! It is so much fun to make a piece of art and send it off to someone – hoping they love it as much as you do. And it is even more fun to receive artworks from people I don’t even know personally. Someone who would take the time to make something just for me. Today I want to show you some of the art I have received recently.

These pieces were die cut and sent to my by Dayna Sharp. I used the white floral piece on the right and the rainbow flowers down the center in one of the recent weeks of Zen-untangled! They made my pages beautiful!

These ATCs were made by Kasey James. For the Letter C swap!

Mary Castaneda made me this Disney ATC in the 1 For All swap. I love it!

Melissa Gardner sent me fun stuff to play with!

Shelly Farrington made these ATCs for the Letter N swap. Remember – ATCs are 2.5″ x 3.5″ in size. Cute little ninja!

Pamela Shappell made the ATC in the middle for the 1 For All Swap. Pamela makes great texture art! She sent me extras, too! Two of these gelli deli prints made their way into my Zen-untangled! book as a background for a dragon! Cool!

These ATCs were made by Rebecca Gay for the Letter V swap. I love getting packages from Rebecca. Always something totally different, unique and fun!

Another from Shelly Farrington – for the 1 For All Swap. Love it!

For the 1 For All Swap, this ATC came from Sherry Barello. She inked the edges 🙂 Yes!

For the Letter L Swap from Dayna Sharp. So delicate and exquisite.

Glenna Nash made these beautiful art journal pages. They are roughly 5″ x 7″ in size. So beautiful, they are among my favorites of all I’ve received.

This ATC was made by Rachel Foster in the 1 For All Swap. I swear we are sisters and our moms just don’t know it. Hahaha! Check out the minion ribbon she sent. Rachel knows what I like! Her card made it into my Zen-untangled! book, too!

These ATCs were made by Staci Wilson. Love the botanicals!

Spring thrinchies – these are 3″ square – were made by Jennifer Marker. She did a great job! I love them all!

Bookmarks made by Pam Amburn O’Neil. Both are beautiful! I especially like the steampunk one!

Receiving art like this is so rewarding! For the longest time I stored pieces in a 3-ring binder in sheet protectors. Now I am trying to incorporate as many as I can into other art projects like my Zen-untangled! book. It helps me appreciate them even more that way.

10 thoughts on “Art From others

  1. Wow you got some goodies!!! thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. I love all these swaps you do, but what do you do with everything you receive?

  3. I think my favourite has to be that fawn Treasure the moment ATC & the parrot art journalling page. Incorporating these into your journal has been fascinating to see & such a lovely reminder for you of the circumstances & sender.

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