Glamour Additions, Week 3


It is week three already in Glamour Additions! Unbelievable! A journey we are taking to improve our tangled art, to make it more polished, more finished, more complete. Here is what we are doing this week! Let me begin by showing you my pages for this week. Not everyone will do this many pages, I… Continue Reading

Smoosh Technique Watercolor


You have seen me demo markers as watercolors many times before. Recently I read about another way of using the same technique idea but delivering the color to your paper in a different manner. That is what I want to show you today. The Smoosh Technique. So much fun but unpredictable. And really – isn’t… Continue Reading

Glamour Additions, Week 2


Yes! Week one was a great success! A lot of people are getting involved and learning ways to up their tangle game. Ways to take tangle artworks to the next level. Welcome to week two! First of all I want to show you my week two pages from my book. I love this book! I… Continue Reading

Mixed Media on a Board


Catchy title, yes? Hahaha! It all started with a board about 8″ x 10″ in size and some new acrylic colors. I wanted to make something pretty and cool and had to start somewhere. Let me show you how I went from the picture on the left to the one on the right. If I… Continue Reading

Inexpensive Backgrounds


In yesterday’s post I showed you my first week’s pages for Glamour Additions. I had several people ask me about the backgrounds I used to make the title page. Really easy to make and very little cost involved. Let me show you. This is the first page in my spiral bound book I made using… Continue Reading

Glamour Additions, Week One


Zen-Untangled! is all finished! But our journey isn’t over. Not by a long shot! For the next ten weeks we will be working on ways to glamorize our art. Glamour additions are enhancements and ways to embellish our art taking it to the next level! The sky is the limit! Let’s get started with week… Continue Reading

Christmas in July


Fun swap this time. Every time. Hahahaha! All month long we are doing Christmas in July kind of swaps. This one was for two art journal pages. Let me show you what I made. I started with a couple pages from More Tangle Starts. This particular one is a Gelli print. And this is the… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Is a Done Deal!


Can you believe it? This is week 25 in our Zen-untangled! project. So many people have been faithful to the project and learning the 170 zentangle patterns. I am so super impressed by your steadfastness and loyalty. As my friend Rachel says . . . yippy skippy!!! And I may have spelled that wrong. Hahahaha!… Continue Reading

Art From others


You already know I am involved with a bunch of swaps! It is so much fun to make a piece of art and send it off to someone – hoping they love it as much as you do. And it is even more fun to receive artworks from people I don’t even know personally. Someone… Continue Reading

Mixed Media Bookmark


Creative Crafty Friends hosted a mixed media bookmark swap and I jumped in! I don’t read paperback books since I bought my Kindle years ago. But I do happen to have a couple books of my own I published and I could certainly use a couple bookmarks for those. The swap called for us to… Continue Reading