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Maine. It never gets old. Of course we have only lived here for four years-ish, but everyday we find more to love about this beautiful area God has placed us in. Yesterday, Mark and I took the ATV and rode a little over forty miles on trails no car has ever been on.

We began at home, and took a right going out of our driveway. If you know where to look you can see at least three dragons in this photo. The sign? Yes, it is a tribute to Once Upon a Time, a TV series that took place in Storybrooke, Maine. Kali and I were/are obsessed with that series. I had the sign made for Kali’s first visit to our new home. But that is not what today’s post is about.

The portion of the road we live on is paved. This shot is our road, but just after it turns to rock/dirt. So much of Maine is one big rock. Even the fields that have been plowed for years and years still have tons of rocks in them. You just can’t get away from it. And honestly, that’s one of the things I love about Maine. Reminds me of Newfoundland where I grew up. Rocks everywhere!

We had a beautiful day for a ride. Normally we ride on Sundays, but it rained Sunday. I couldn’t believe how much it had changed since last week. So much greener! Can you see the windmills on the mountain tops?

Trails that no car has even seen? This was one of them. Just wide enough for our ATV to get through. And check out the rocks. Sometimes we would come upon a rock a couple feet high and wide.

Last week Mark rode by himself a couple days while I worked on the new book. He said this little drainage area had fish in it last week. We didn’t see any yesterday so I guess they moved on.

Isn’t this beautiful! Just a few weeks ago we still had snow. I didn’t take a photo of Mount Katahdin on this ride but it still has snow even now in June.

I wish I could remember the name of this lake. Something like Timoney. Mark is really good with the names. He always tries to remember the name and I’m sitting over here going . . . ooh! pretty! Hahahaha!

I will apologize now for the number of pictures of the turbines, but they are seriously my second favorite – after the rocks.

Here is another one of those ‘no car’ trails. Just rocks and trees.

I mentioned rocks. Here is a big one! It almost covers the entire width of the trail!

The little village/ farm area in the distance is Smyrna. There is an amish community there. Jason and Bobbie live a few miles past that. They get to look at this beautifulness every day. At the start of this trail was a caution sign, steep trail it said. OK, let’s go for it, we thought.

And we rode for quite a ways before we got to this point.

And then to this point. Hahaha! The trail just kind of dropped away, really steep. Looks like it just falls away, doesn’t it?

Hard to tell in this photo, but the incline really was quite steep. Mark just went slow and took our time and when we got to the bottom . . . the trail was blocked with a bunch of huge rocks and a sign saying not to pass. What a major letdown!

So we made our way back up the trail – turning around was interesting and a little scary – and we went back in search of the windmills and access areas.

Rocks. Hahahaha! This really reminds me of Newfoundland!

They line the rim of the turbine access road with these huge rocks. My guess is to keep the snow plow in winter from falling into the ravine.

This rock is four or five feet tall.

Do we always know where we are going? No. That’s why we have a GPS to help us track where we’ve been in case we have to turn around and go back. Like this time. A trail we had never gone down before and all of a sudden the trail just stopped. No one had been down there in a long time and we didn’t either. We stopped and turned around to go back.

This trail was awesome! Hahahaha! There were places where the leaves and branches swept right across the roof of the ATV. Like a little tree tunnel.

It got a little tight in places but it was fun!

And we found this. Cool bridge. We’ve been over it before. Usually this rock area is a small pond of water.

Mark said we had about ten inches clearance total on the sides of the ATV. I remember the first time I rode across the bridge – kind of scary and cool and awesome all at once! From here we headed to the house. Great ride, lots of fun, super quiet. We saw two other ATVs out and that was it. I call that a good day with plenty of social distancing. Hahahaha!

18 thoughts on “Riding the Trails

  1. Oregon, at least part of it, is much like this. I grew up in an area called Rockwood, for obvious reasons. With so many people moving here, we’re losing too many of the trees and hidden places. Not the rocks though. I think they are here forever.

  2. Wow such beautiful sights Yes it reminds me of Newfoundland too. We lived in Argentia on the Naval base there. but I sure enjoyed going up over the hill into town where it was always sunny bright. and exploring all the rivers and wild areas.

  3. I really enjoyed your pictures and the ride along! I’ve never been to Maine, but would love to see it some day. Beautiful!

  4. Tremendous scenery & such beauty all around. I could sense your excitement with the video clip you posted. Thank for taking me on a vicarious ride – just please be careful & don’t overturn.

  5. Breathtaking scenery! I could easily wander around there and get lost with no regrets. I love it all. I live on the desert, so all your greenery is amazing! But then too, I have always found the greenery in the east so much greener than the green here in the west. . . ours is kind of a brown green, still beautiful, just not as green 🙂

    • It’s crazy. I think it’s all the snow that melts and waters the ground so well

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