Zen-untangled! Week 18 is Here!


It is hard to believe we are already up to week 18 in the project Zen-untangled! The tangles this week are really good, especially Tripoli. I was finally able to draw it and have it look like someone older than a second grader did it! Hahahaha! Not even kidding! (No offense to second graders intended.) Let me show you what we are working on in Tangle All Around on Facebook.

We are documenting the 170 tangles from Zentangle HQ and each person is doing that in their own way. I give full permission to work the way you work best. For me that is in an art journal format. I am using one of the Zentangle journals and let me tell you they were not made to hold all I am stuffing in there. Hahahaha! I am going to need to figure out how to re-bind this afterwards. The background above is an original watercolor page I included in my latest book More Tangle Starts. The girls are digital stamps I colored with Copic markers and ran through my sticker machine. I opted to draw two of the seven patterns for this week straight onto my background.

Tripoli is a tough one for me. I promise this is the best it has ever looked! My friend Sandy has tried to help me with it – bless her heart, she is such a good friend! The floral piece of art is from Robin Mead. I love her art so much! So bright and colorful and full of life! I am trying to include a piece of art from a friend somewhere on my pages each week.

I opted not to use the string this week – that’s part of doing the project your own way. The betweed tile on the right is one I made a little over seven years ago while I was at training to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher. It is one of my favorite tiles from all I’ve drawn over those years since. Sure I’ve done prettier work, harder work, more detailed and bigger work, but I love this one so much!

Interested in the Zen-untangled! project? It isn’t too late to get involved. Join us at Tangle All Around and let’s get you started!

10 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Week 18 is Here!

  1. Alice, Thanks for putting these prompts on your blog, I am uncomfortable with Facebook and it’s ilk so it has been nice to follow along – though I think I missed a pattern last week – I only counted 6 on the blog – but I’m sure it’ll work out.
    I love your art especially the ‘girls’

    • thanks, Jenny, I am glad you can follow along here. there were 7 last week but I just couldn’t make myself draw the one called vermal. you basically draw a bunch of letters, then aura around them. I felt like it was a waste of time, doesn’t seem like a tangle to me. and that is why you didn’t see it in my book. hahaha! there were a few people in the group that made it look like ‘more’ but most were shaking their heads with me. and I think I missed posting week 11 here. maybe I should add it next time I post a week.

      • Thanks Alice, yes week 11 was missing, it would be lovely if you caould catch it up at some point – again my thanks I am really enjoying following along.

        • I will add it when I add the next week’s pages. a 2 for 1 post 🙂

  2. Alice, I have always struggled with Betweed, but I really like how you drew it and will try it that way. Love this project!

    • good, hopefully this helps. there are many way to draw betweed, I just try to remember to start at the bottom and draw up

  3. I can see why you love that Betweed tile, nice to keep in here permanently now. It’s taken me quite a while to get better with Tripoli – I think one of Maria’s KTT was what really turned the corner for me & I can now relax a bit with it instead. I’m learning not to be so regimented about things but it’s a slow business…….. Now that has made me see Swarm in a new light, shall have to go investigate & explore further with that one.

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