Work With What You Have


Today I wanted to work on art journal pages but I did not have a lot of time to devote to it. What to do? What to do? Hmmm. Work with something I already have and make it better. That’s what I did. Let me show you.

I began with this page from a Jane Davenport purchase I made several years ago. I do not believe she still carries this background set of papers. I wanted to make a 5″ x 7″ art journal page for a swap. This page was way too big but I loved the image.

Here it is after I trimmed it down to size. Hahahaha! I saved the parts I cut off so I can use them in other projects. The focus for me was the girl with the flower, so that’s the part I kept.

I used my black Archival ink pad to ink all the edges. I did not scrub some over the surface like I do many times because of all the black I already had in the image itself.

I wanted to do something really cool with this picture, something to put my own mark on it and not just Jane’s. Out came my Schmincke watercolors and a water brush. I love this little travel set I got on Amazon. It travels from the drawer to my desktop every time I need it. Hahahahaha! It comes empty and you add your own paints.

And I just had fun. I added yellows, oranges and pinks to the flower. And I added some yellow to the curve of her face to pick up the light shining on the yellow parts of the flower. Unsuccessfully I tried to add some blue and pink to the top part of her hair. And I darkened her lips. Easy peasy.

It needed texture. Cause everything is better with texture. Except your thighs. Then it’s called bad swimsuit season. Hahahahaha! Yes, I am tired and getting sick of the snow and ready for spring and this virus mess to be gone. But. I digress. Texture. I got these new stencils a couple days ago. Ordered them from a company called Koala T Crafts. How sweet is that!

Isn’t that a cool stencil? I used a finger dabber and dabbed and stabbed Pansy ink from a Dyestress Ink Pad over the flower and her hair.

I was loving her at this point, but she needed ‘more.’ These outline stickers came from Paper Wishes. Check out their Dazzles section. So cool!

Sentiment. Wise words for this day. Something to think about. Something to make us better. And this particular pearl of wisdom came from Art By Marlene.

For the last step I pulled out my Paint Over Pens – also from Jane – and made some accents, dotted her lashes and accentuated her hairline. All total took me about 15 minutes and honestly that was all the time I had. I will probably spend more time making this post than I did making the project. Art journaling – or any art really – doesn’t always have to be created from scratch. Take something you already have – like this image – and work with it. Use what supplies you already have on hand. Stay safe, go wash your hands, then tell your family you love them!

12 thoughts on “Work With What You Have

  1. This came the morning of the 23rd, but at least it came. With your most recent change the posts were coming in the evenings. It’s ok as long as they come. Love the lesson.

    • yes, I am still learning this new mail service. I have to send them, they don’t go out automatically any longer. and I couldn’t make it work last night. eek! but this morning it just went right through! enjoy <3 and thanks for letting me know

  2. Alice, This is beautiful. It speaks to me, right to my heart- and soul. Thank you. I would love to repost on social media, with your permission. LOVE and blessings to you, friend!! xoxoxo

  3. Beautiful page! Honestly, I thought it started out “finished” … but as I observed the progression of your subtractions & additions, I was just amazed at the depth and detail you achieved! Just wow … 🙂

    • Thanks, Jan, sometimes I forget easy is best. This was fun and I surprised myself.

  4. Alice,
    I love this! I’ve been having a hard time getting back to creating and it’s killing me. Seeing you did this in 15 minutes and how well it came out gives me some hope to get started.

  5. Fascinating seeing the way you take an image & “tinker” (maybe that’s an English idiom?? – it means adjust little bits here & there. The butterfly works beautifully on the flowehead & looks almost as if it’s escaped from the cage.

    • yes, we use ‘tinker’ here, too. this was a fun page. I just had a few minutes and it just seemed to work <3

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