The 100 Day Project Continues


The 100 Day Project rolls on and so far I am keeping up. Barely, but I am doing it. Making art each day should be a peaceful and uplifting thing for me. When I can calm my mind and relax it works great. Let me show you what I’ve done in the past week.

You already know The 100 Day Project continues for . . . 100 days. That is a long time! The thought is if a person does some kind of art for one hundred days in a row it will become a habit to make art. Each day. For the past two years I focused on tangling something every day. This year I am loosening my boundaries and declaring anything artistic is ok for me to use each day. For day 15, I used my Copic markers and colored this digital image I printed on card stock. You can probably tell from this shot that she is going to eventually show up in the Zen-untangled! project. She is a Saturated Canary image that I purchased years ago. I call her Shamrock.

You have already seen how I made day 16’s artwork in this post. I just love the brightness and boldness in this art journal page!

Day 17’s art journal page was detailed for you in this post. I really had a lot of fun with this and day 16’s art!

Day 18, I used another Saturated Canary image. I don’t believe they are still in business. I purchased a lot of her digital stamps back in the day. I know you can still find a bunch of these on Pinterest if you search Saturated Canary. Copic markers for the color. When I use my butterfly girl in a project I will finish cutting away the white areas.

For day 19, I pulled out a tile and did a little tangling. Shattuck, printemps, purk and flux are the patterns I used. This is on a 3.5″ square tile cut from Hahnemühle bristol.

I think all the images I colored this week are from Saturated Canary. I love their big eyes! I still have some cutting to do on this when I add her to my Zen-untangled! journal. Day 20. Don’t you love the jellyfish?

I think this girl is my favorite! I just call her Mouse Ears. She is my day 21 art for The 100 Day Project. Now I just need to make a piece of art for today and I have an idea in mind already! Yayayayay!!!!! See you tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project Continues

  1. Your Copic coloring always looks so good, Alice! I’m still trying to figure out how to blend them. I purchased the set of 5 gray sketching markers and feel I haven’t quite made friends with them yet!

    • I went through instructor training several years ago and learned the blending. it is about the only thing I remember from the class.

  2. Excellent going. Nice idea to prepare images for you zen -untangled journal. I first came across Saturated Canary when her images were made as rubber stamps – very distinctive style. I rather like your tangled tile with those embellished Flux.

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