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Looking for something to do while you socially distance yourself? Something different, fun and easy to do with the supplies you already have on hand? Today’s project is the ticket!

Today I made a paper bag junk journal. Gathering my supplies, I brought out four lunch bags, a variety of scraps of scrapbook paper, some ribbons and some fun word stickers.

I am going to show you the finished project and explain a little of what I did. This particular book is going to a lady in our swap group. I don’t really know anything about her, what she likes or dislikes, but I figured everyone could use a good dream right about now! I did cheat a little with this book, though. Years ago when I had an Etsy scrapbook shop I made paper bag books filled with Disney ephemera or Princess goodies and sold them for $50 – $75.00 each, depending on what I included. This paper bag book is leftover from that time frame and it already had holes punched in it and the bags were sewn together down the middle. To get to that point, take your four bags and stack them in alternating directions. Fold the whole stack in half, open the stack back up and sew down that center fold. For my front cover I used a pretty piece of scrapbook paper with a couple heart elements that I ran through the sticker machine. The butterfly and small flower are what is called outline stickers. I get mine at Paper Wishes.

My theme was dream. My papers were all similar in color: pinks, greys and blacks. If you think about what you already have on hand in your art supplies you can easily make a similar book.

I love these colors together! This is my favorite page spread. Let me point something out. Along the edge of the left hand page – you can see that is the ‘top’ of the bag, the end with the opening. Inside that opening I put some surprises.

Hahahaha! This little block doesn’t go with the color scheme but I love the wording! As you can see, you get quite a few pages using just four bags. I mentioned surprises that go inside the flaps. Let me show you.

The thought is the person I send this to can use the book any way she wishes. She can add photos, she can journal, she can draw in it, add collage art, other types of mixed medias. Any idea she can dream up will be just perfect! These extra pieces in the flaps can be used as extra pages. And if you include the backs – that doubles your number. I figure counting the covers, you have 16 pages in this paper bag book. Sixteen work surfaces. The book comes with four flaps in which I stuck two extra pieces like the ones above in each flap. That gives an additional 16 pages, for a total of 32 pages in this little paper bag book. Unless I added wrong cause I seriously stink at math!

For an easy to make project with supplies from your kitchen and art stash, you get a whole lot of bang for your proverbial buck! I could have done a whole lot more embellishing but I want the person that receives this book to be able to add her own ‘touch’ to it! Paper bag junk journal! Easy peasy! I’d love to see what you make!

10 thoughts on “Paper Bag Junk Journal

  1. OMG this looks like fun, Alice!!! I keep admiring other people’s journals but I’ve never made one for myself let alone anyone else. I wish I lived closer to you. I’d beg you (and pay you!) for a day with you in your studio …

  2. What a fascinating post – such a lovely surprise for the recipient too. I too like your favourite spread especially with the way your ribbons peek through & pick up the colours in the two pages.

    • oh good, that’s what I was trying to do with the ribbons. so I’m glad it worked 🙂

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