Zen-untangled! Week 12


Can you believe we are already in week twelve?! As we sit here socially distanced from the world I am trying to work ahead a bit and get ahead of my group. Hahaha! Tangle All Around is working hard on this project! Each week I give them seven of the 170 patterns from Zentangle® to work on. We have a good batch for week twelve.

My work space has gotten a little out of control while I work the project. My desktop is 6′ long and I use every bit of the space. Color, paints, scor tape, brushes, Tylenol, my water jar and boom box sit at one end.

Papers, tiles, ephemera, a few brand new markers from Zebra Pen, stamps, and random stuff fill the other end.

And I sit or stand in the middle and work. I’ve been using my Copic markers quite a bit for this project. I don’t like using them for art that hangs on the wall because of the way they fade in light. They don’t do that so much in a book. So Copics are the pen of the day. I love this Cheshire Cat! I have been wanting to do Alice in Wonderland in my Zen-untangled book and this week was the week! Yayayay!!!

Love how this gelli print turned out. I like it so much that I included it in More Tangle Starts! You get a whole page. Here I cut the original in half and adhered it to my book using scor tape. Sometimes I use tape runner but these pages would have a good bit attached to them, so I needed a little stronger base and scor tape offers that.

The patterns this week are really fun! I think these two particularly work well on this background and with the whole Alice vibe. I just realize I stuck that Noom block on sideways. Lovely. We are going to pretend I did that on purpose.

There’s my Cheshire. And I love the Queen of Hearts! Hahahaha! Off with their heads!

A couple years ago, Maria designed this trio of patterns to celebrate the 100th weekly Diva Dare. Each week Laura Harms gave a challenge to tanglers and we posted all our week in a link list on Laura’s post. For the 100th weekly challenge they released Diva Dance. There are three patterns in the set: foxtrot, waltz and rock n’ roll. The ‘diva’ part is a salute to Laura who entitled her website I Am the Diva. Love it! A lot of people don’t realize there are three patterns in this set. Rock n’ roll is my favorite! The tile was given to me by Jules – she colored it and I used it for the weekly string.

It is not too late to join the project. There are 25 weeks of work with a few break weeks thrown in here and there. All the project information is available on Facebook. Join us by clicking here. Hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Week 12

  1. I’ve seen Flukes around this week & have some ideas sparked off by the grid variations posted in the prompt. I’d never thought of doing that with it. Interesting to see how relaxed Zen is, looks like he’s a good companion.

    • haha! I have 3 of these Zens sitting in various places. I think he’s great! I’d love to see what you do with flukes ­čÖé

  2. You aren’t making proper use of your desk space! You need to look at it as though you are playing Jenga. You stack things on top of each other until they are on the verge of falling, then very carefully remove what you need from the stack. It works! I know because each of my art stashes, salted through-out the house, is about 6 ft long by 6 ft tall!

    • hahahaha! trust me! I have plenty of stacks behind me, you just can’t see them in these photos. hahahahaha!

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