Spring Flower Fix


Recently I was working on swaps for Facebook group Creative Crafty Friends. We do a lot of swaps! The one I was working on called for spring ATCs, artist trading cards. They measure 2.5″ x 3.5″ and I had a failed one from a previous arting adventure that I thought I could fix up and use for this theme.

You may recall this one. I began with a couple ATC bases and this piece of dinner napkin. I wanted to use that section of pretty roses for my ATC. Just ignore that water brush, I ended up not using it.

I cut out a square including the roses I wanted to incorporate and adhered it to my ATC base using clear gesso. There are several products one can use for this, but Dina’s clear gesso works best for me. I put a layer on the ATC, placed the napkin over the top, and added a couple layers of gesso on top of the napkin.

I wrapped the sides around to the back and adhered those to the ATC the same way, gesso under and over. Most times I just trim the excess away from the sides, this time I adhered it. No reason, I just did. What you don’t know – because I haven’t told you yet – this is not the actual ATC I worked on for this post. This is one that worked and I was able to send it forward to whoever I was trading with at the time. At the same time I made a second ATC with that same napkin and it did not go so well. I took another rose from a piece of rice paper and adhered it over the greenery in the middle, on the right hand side. It really did not work. The rice paper just kind of faded into the background and the rose did not really show. Like not much at all. And I did not know what to do to fix it, so I put it in a drawer and left it for another day.

Then Creative Crafty Friends announced a Spring ATC swap and I pulled that rose ATC back out of the drawer. I had these beautiful stickers from Jolee’s Boutique that I thought would work well. I picked one that would fit the area I needed to cover up with something and stuck it in place. ‘Picked one’ hehehe! No joke intended.

I trimmed the stem away from the side and grabbed this moss colored Dyestress ink pad for the edges.

I really like this color a lot. I did the edges and scuffed the ink pad over parts of the ATC itself – it gives the ATC a more aged look. And I like that.

But the ATC was still lacking something. Hmmm. Flowers and butterflies just go together. This dimensional butterfly came from Michaels.

But the ATC was still missing a little something. A little oomph. Out came my basket of charms. I have been throwing things in here for years. Some days I just dump them all over my desktop and look at each one before I put it back in the basket.

I chose this little heart and adhered it with a small Zots.

But it was still missing something. Hahahaha! I think this was acrylic paint that I flicked on the ATC. At this point I am not 100% positive.

And I added one more color. And then I liked this springtime ATC! The moral of this story is: when you mess something up, remember – nothing is so broken that it can not be fixed. Sometimes time will bring clarity and a new direction.

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6 thoughts on “Spring Flower Fix

  1. I find that with my watercolors too. They often go through an ‘ugly duckling’ stage, but if you keep working they’ll become something beautiful! Love your rose ATC!

    • thanks, sandra, sometimes you just need to take a break then come back to it

  2. Yes, a little distance & you can then see something with fresh eyes. Like the way the colour of the charm echoes the glitter of the rose sticker.

    • yes, just a little distance. Evy, I am having trouble again with my mail server. I am really getting discouraged with this whole problem – I just can’t seem to get it fixed.

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