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Amazon has just lowered the price for More Tangle Starts! I don’t know how long this will last but it is super news for now!

available worldwide on Amazon

Amazon has reduced the price by almost $7.50 and that is awesome! A paper crafter’s dream, there are so many different ways to use the pages in More Tangle Starts. Let me walk you through one project I made last week.

One of the recent prompts in Creative Crafty Friends was to art journal using a bird, a piece of map and a ticket stub. Random, yes? Hahaha! That is part of the fun.

To begin, I pulled a page right out of Tangle Starts and trimmed it to fit a page in my Leda sketchbook. I used scor tape to adhere it to the page. The easiest way to not mess up with scor tape is to start with one strip – remove the backing – or fronting in this case – and adhere your page to it. This makes it easier to get the placement correct. Then go about removing backings from the rest of the scor tape on the back of your page and smooth it down into place.

Prior to doing that I inked the edges with the scuba color of the Dyestress ink pad line.

Then I pulled out all the pieces I thought might work with this page. For my birds I wanted to use this section of a collage page from Joggles. I thought it to be quite beautiful and I wanted to save it in a journal. Individual pieces were ran through my sticker machine. I did not use all that you see in this photo and that is alright. I gave myself plenty of items to work with.

Some of them I inked with this pretty fruit punch color because it went well with my flamingos. Some I inked with the scuba, some with both and some with none. Then I started deciding what I would actually keep and use on the page.

Keep all those old maps, old music books, old dictionaries, Farmer’s Almanacs – all those things make wonderful ephemera for art journals. Keep one of each. I have a friend – Rachel – who sends me care packages with wonderful papers of all sorts. Both the map and music paper came from Rachel. <3 Running them through the sticker machine turned them into stickers and they were easy to put into place. Then I looked at my page and wondered why I left everything short and to the bottom of the page. Hahahahaha! I did wonder!

But that was alright because I didn’t want to cover up all the beautiful color of my tangle starts page. And I had two of the three elements in place. That ticket stub – the third element – originally had the words ‘Toronto, Canada’ on them and I figured they probably don’t have too many flamingos living in Toronto, so I cut that part off. The quote is from an old sticker sheet from years ago – I was surprised it still stuck to the page. And the tag is a scrapbook tag my daughter made for me years ago. I love it and it is perfect for this page! Those fibers were attached to the tag and I didn’t want to lose them.

And now Kali’s tag and my beautiful birds are safe and saved in my art journal forever. And it all started with a lovely page of color pulled right from one of my books. More Tangle Starts has 100 such pages all ready for you to use in your art journals, or collage work, or tangling, card-making, scrapbooking . . . you get the idea. Any paper crafting idea will work with More Tangle Starts. And the price has been lowered for you by Amazon to make it even more affordable. And it is available worldwide through Amazon . com. I appreciate your support of my books more than I could ever tell you! <3 

More Tangle Starts can be purchased here on Amazon

4 thoughts on “Now At a Lower Price!

  1. Wow! This is flamintabulous! I had to create a whole new word for it. This comment is being sent from the cool new laptop I just got in the mail!

    • hahaha! I made up artangleology! I love your new work – I think is just perfect <3

  2. The way the Fruit Punch inked edges pick up the colour of the flamingoes is super & all those fibres pick out the colours in the background – that pale green is really drawn out (huh – there we have me noticing green again!!) I love seeing your process & the way you pick out a whole number of elements then play about with them.

    • I have been collecting elements for a long time not knowing what I would eventually do with them. glad I finally figured it out 🙂

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