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The past week was brutally cold here in northern Maine. It is a little better this week with higher temps. All the way up in the 20s and 30s. Last week we had one night when the temperature reached 20 below. Cold!

I needed to go to Bangor last week to return that watch I wasn’t smart enough to work, hahaha!, and along the way I shot a bunch of photos through the car window as Mark drove. I love this particular area – not too far from our house in a little place called Haynesville. That is a stream running down between those trees and it is frozen over. In the spring when the snows melt this whole area will flood and all those trees will be standing in a large river of melted snow and ice.

A bit further down the road. We crossed over a lot of little streams like this and they were all frozen.

This one wasn’t completely frozen, there was still some water movement and open places.

Here we were crossing over a major river. Have no idea why that rectangular patch of openness was there but everything else was ice.

I am not sure what this river is called, it’s outside Lincoln, Maine. It had ice all the way across and bits of snow piled up here and there.

And when we got to Bangor . . . no snow. Weird because our house was buried. In the distance to the right you can see a short stack of snow that a plow truck pushed up in a parking lot. Plenty cold but no snow on the ground.

I want to say this is the Mattawamkeag River we crossed on the way back home. The sun was getting ready to go down. I really like how it reflected on that solid sheet of ice covering the river.

One day I am going to make a photo book of church steeples and crosses all across the United States. I want to include this little baptist church in Lincoln but I need to find a way to photograph it without all those power lines.

Traveling the back roads to get back home. There are signs like this in the areas where there are more deer accidents. They can shoot out in front of you before you can do anything about it. Moose do, too. I can attest to that one. We had only lived here a couple months when we were traveling a dark road headed home from the movie one night and a moose shot in front of us. We literally did not see it until it was within feet of the front of the car. Mark drove for the ditch, we hit the moose on the back legs, he did a cool flip according to the driver behind us – got up and took off again. And my brand new car got a $6,000 makeover. They aren’t playing around with these signs.

Because . . . this. See that railroad track? Look at the photo just before this one. That is the same track. See all that dirty snow at the very bottom of this photo? That is what lines the road where we were driving. All those tracks out there are deer. Probably several. And they are that close to the roadway. And there are tracks like that everywhere up here this time of year. Everywhere.

Another of my favorite bridges. That railway trestle (I think that is what it’s called) makes some marvelous photos! I even turned an earlier one I took into a jigsaw puzzle.

Driving back through Haynesville. Cool stream and look! Someone drove a snowmobile down that stream on top of the ice.

When we got back home the roof was covered in ice from an ice storm. And there was probably still a layer of ice underneath that one from earlier. We hadn’t been inside long when the roof cleared and all that ice went sliding. With the metal roof we have this makes an awful noise. Sounds like a roller coaster ripping through the house and Belle starts barking and going nuts cause she thinks someone is trying to kill us. It ain’t pretty, people! But then you get photo possibilities like this one. Some of those chunks of ice are 8 – 10 inches thick. And no, we never park the cars anywhere near that. And we don’t walk there either.

Either Friday or Saturday it snowed again. This is from the living room window, looking out over the back yard.

It snowed a lot! We got close to 18 inches that one day alone. And Jason and Bobbie needed help getting their car out. The snow plows come along and literally bury their car. Here we are in our plow truck headed to them.

This is a cool place we pass going to their house. At Christmastime they have a line of about twelve Christmas trees lining this ridge – all lit up and beautiful. And on a dark night they are just wonderful!

When we got to Jason and Bobbie’s house they were both outside with shovels working on the cars. To the very right you can see an opening – that is the path from the street to their front door. They had some serious snow there. Mark was able to help them a lot with the plow truck, cleaning up a little larger area for them to park. Next year I’m buying them a snow blower for Christmas. They turned down the offer this year and I think they are sorry they did. Hahahaha!

My friend Phillis will recognize this barn. It is my favorite one up here. She has even painted it before. The snow pushed up on the side of the road is starting to block the view.

And before we knew it we were driving back into our driveway. To the left of the Storybrooke sign – see that little red head? That is one of my 7 or 8 foot tall dragons. They get a lot of snow down in their dragon hollow from the winds blowing and drifting it down in there.

Yesterday . . . it snowed. Yep. It did. About another eight inches. I am starting to lose track. Hahaha! This is the road that runs in front of our house. And down on the right is a little country church. That is a potato field to the left.

We were headed to Grammy’s Country Inn. That is it on the left. We go there most mornings for breakfast. Mark won’t eat if we stay home, so that’s where we go. We were about the only people there. Those vehicles you see are employees’ cars. And this is the main road through our little town. Did I say ‘little’? We have a population of 984 according to Mr. Google.

And here we are yesterday morning. Showing you my snow gauge. The old plow truck that died and we hauled it to the back yard.

And late yesterday. We were headed to another little town – Smyrna. Their diner called Brookside has free cake on Tuesdays for customer appreciation. So each Tuesday – weather permitting – we go there for dinner and free cake. Last night I had scrambled eggs with cheese, homemade raisin oatmeal toast and chocolate cake for dinner. Life is amazing in Maine. Hahahaha!

These two photos were shot on I-95. Not much traffic up here. I’m used to driving I-95 through Virginia down to Orlando where I-95 can many times look like a parking lot.

This morning was dump day. Time to take the trash into Houlton and give it to someone else. I love this little foot bridge in town. Can you see the lights hanging across the top? They were donated recently and they light them every night. It is so pretty at nighttime all lit up! And that river is where they hold the kayak races in the spring when the snows melts and the water is high. I see two sets of tracks going across – I believe those are animals tracks of some kind.

And totally out of order with all the photos – I did mention it had been miserably cold, right? Belle sleeps in front of the fire place but she has also learned to crawl underneath the blanket on the sofa at night to stay warm. All snuggled up with her pillow, her blanket, and her stuffed puppy. She has a rough life! Hahahaha! And that’s it for life in Maine right now. We are expecting more snow tomorrow and that means more photos!

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20 thoughts on “This Week in Maine

  1. Love your pictures. I live in Illinois but I am about 40 minutes from St. Louis Missouri. I am not much of a winter person we get alot of ice and rain.Thank fully not as much snow as you.Your pictures are so pretty and I loved seeing a picture of your adorable Dog. Stay warm and have a nice Valentines Day. ❤

  2. Holy cow that is a lot of snow and ice! Beautiful photos!
    Good to see the barn is still visible, 🤗.
    Glad Belle found a good place to snuggle and be warm, certainly hope you and Mark have also!
    Be well and take care, sending warm hugs to you all!

    • thanks, phillis, we are staying warm and keep a fire going 24/7. snowing like crazy today

  3. I love snow!! And I always enjoy your photos & commentary. We just returned home from a gorgeous week in Fairbanks! Although we didn’t see any wildlife or beautiful Northern Lights, we did see snow – everywhere – and walked across the Chena River. I now know what 20 below feels like. 30 seconds was, I thought, my limit BUT there were so many beautiful vistas that I wanted to photograph!! 1 minute with bare hands so I could take pictures and I was DONE. My hands were past numb and on to pain. Whew!

    Thanks for sharing life in the north with all of us!

    • the hands do start to hurt for sure. next time you go take some of those photographer gloves, they keep your hands warm – the fingertips are open so you can still take photos

  4. Truly beautiful, Alice. Such a different way of life! I am envious!
    However, I spent all day yesterday on the front porch in shorts and flip flops! It was a perfect tangling day!
    Beautiful photos!

    • oh, I bet! I would like to be able to do that, too, but around 65-70 degrees is all I could handle

  5. Hey there, wow lady that is some kind of winter wonderland you are wondering around in. More power to you and yours. Stay warm and all that. 🌺

  6. I love all your photos. It’s interesting to see how your part of the country is so different than ours in south Texas. Keep sharing, stay warm and watch for moose!

  7. Brrrr! We’ve had a gloomy, old winter this year but it’s been fairly warm. No snow, and I hope we have none. It’s rare to get any past February so we’re almost into spring!

  8. Take care with all that snow (& the wildlife) – good thing you have the snow plow. Belle looks cosy. Her ears just make me smile. Here we have rain, some more, then more & then the next day, more! And the forecast for the weekend – a LOT more rain. Sooooo thankful for the flood defences that have been built over the last years.

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