Tangling in More Tangle Starts


There are so many ways to use More Tangle Starts! For me it will mostly be a tangle journal. A place where I work each day and create a journal of art tangled with my favorite patterns.

See the bands of beautiful color on the cover? Each of those were taken from pages in More Tangle Starts. There are 100 pages of beautiful, rich, bold color. For today’s project I chose one of those pages to draw on. My technical pens and fineliners from Zebra Pen work great on these pages! And point of interest – most of these 100 pages were created on various artist papers from Hahnemühle FineArt.

This is the page I chose to tangle first. Pinks and blues and teals – those are my go-to colors and this page has all of them. Hahaha! Pretty much perfect!

I began much like I always do. Tangling printemps. I look for bits of color that stand apart from their background. Look at that tiny section right in the middle. The one with just two spirals. That little section is a different color from the background around it. I find little areas like that and fill them with printemps.

And I just keep building. Some areas are larger, some are smaller. And all are just right. I turn my paper when I draw, which changes the direction the printemps are facing. And that is ok. There are no hard and fast rules to my tangling style.

I decided before I started this piece that I would only use four tangles: printemps, crescent moon, rock ‘n roll diva dance and arukas. Once I had several sections of printemps in place I changed to crescent moon. This pattern needs a definite area to work in, so I drew a line around a section of color. I believe you can get the idea better in this picture. My line goes around the blue – which to me looks like a continent. Hahaha! And inside that barrier is where I put my first set of crescent moon.

Sometimes I shade these color pieces, sometimes I do not. Like I said – no hard and fast rules. I continued with sections of crescent moon where they looked like they belonged, then added rock ‘n roll diva dance next and last I added arukas.

I really like that even though there is a lot of contrast between black and light, you can still see the beautiful colors in the background. None of that beautiful is gone. It is just presented in a different way now. What a super fun page to make! By tangling right in the book this will become a tangle journal. And pages I want to take out and use in other ways – I can. Or better yet. I can use one copy of More Tangle Starts for a tangle journal and a second copy for art journaling and collaging and Zen-untangled and . . . well, you get the idea. More Tangle Starts. Not just your basic art supply. Hahahaha!

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Technical Pens from Zebra Pen
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10 thoughts on “Tangling in More Tangle Starts

  1. Wow! I love how you did this! The last several posts were awesome as well! I am putting this book on my need list!

    • thank you, kris, I’m not sure why my post emails aren’t going out. I have asked MailPoet to look into it. I’m glad you saw this one.

  2. Dear Alice, thank you for this wonderful book and your great website. I love all your posts. You are so beautiful and fantastic! Thanks for all your work. Greetings, your Regina 😍👍😍

    • thank you so much, regina, you and others like you are why I do all this. <3

  3. Alice, my book should arrive tomorrow!!! I love what you did with this page!! Thank you for the inspiration and all the fun books to play in.

    • thanks, phillis, I appreciate your faithfulness and your friendship and your love for all things dragon. hahaha! <3

  4. I’m catching up where I now realise I didn’t get emails – it was your TEST post that alerted me for I got that!! I spent ages trying to find the various areas you singled out to tangle on the page itself, just fascinating to see a little of how you work for I’ve always been perplexed as to how you select the areas……… this helped a bit. I just wish I could sit next to you & ask why here not there, which bit here, why this tangle……….. tremendous choice of tangles working together too.

    • haha! not sure I could answer those questions. I just go with what feels right at the time

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