Alcohol Ink on Black Plastic


Get ready for some beautiful! I apologize up front because I don’t remember who told me about this paper. But ‘thank you’ to someone. I am thinking Jem, but I’m not sure. Plastic art sheets actually and they are meant to work much like yupo. For those of you who love alcohol inks – you… Continue Reading

Alcohol Ink ICAD


Creative Crafty Friends is swapping altered index card art each month. This month’s prompts were: washi tape, circles and doodles. I translated that to mean tangles – which is the kind of art I typically make. This month’s prompts were right up my alley! I had this beautiful piece of alcohol ink art already made… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 7


Week seven of Zen-untangled is upon us. We have some fun patterns this week and a couple are very similar! Can you figure out the differences? And what makes each one unique? I love this background Rachel Foster made and sent to me. I had been saving it for something special and this is it!… Continue Reading

Off With Their Heads, an ATC


I tell you, this ATC swap for the Letter O had me scratching my head. I even googled nouns starting with the letter O. You saw the owl ATC I made yesterday. It was fun, but this one was my favorite. I was looking through my digital stamps and came across a folder I had… Continue Reading

An Owl ATC


This is a song about an owl. Except I don’t know any songs about owls. Hmmm. Hit it, Mr. Google! Are there any songs about owls? Apparently there is a song called . . . wait for it . . . Owl Song by the Whizpops! Who knew? Hahahaha! And the group Owl City! How… Continue Reading

This Week in Maine


The past week was brutally cold here in northern Maine. It is a little better this week with higher temps. All the way up in the 20s and 30s. Last week we had one night when the temperature reached 20 below. Cold! I needed to go to Bangor last week to return that watch I… Continue Reading

Hahnemühle’s Bristol Illustration Paper


Ecoline Brush Pens from Royal Talens has just released a set two comprised of pastels. Yes, I know. Pastels. Meh. So not bright and beautiful. Or are they? To find out I had to order the set. (But of course, how could I not?) And to jump right in I pulled out my pad of… Continue Reading

Working in the Round


Well it seems like GoDaddy has the commenting issue resolved. Actually they told me what to do to fix it and I learned something. And they learned that I am not all that technically-inclined and we all had a good laugh. Hahahaha! We did! Do you recall this foam stamp I showed you last week?… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week Six


Week six already! Can you believe it? Time is flying by as we work on Zen-untangled! Week six began with some cool rice paper from Joggles. I hand tore the top and bottom edges and adhered the paper with a layer of clear gesso underneath. Then sealed it with a layer over the top. Drying… Continue Reading

Art From Others


Test drive up ahead! Just kidding! But seriously . . . behind the scenes GoDaddy has been transferring this entire website over to their home base and this will be the first post since the move in. Fingers crossed the post gets to each of your mailboxes. Give me a thumbs up so I know… Continue Reading