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I originally had this posted a couple days ago but took it down to do a little work on the post. Then the whole post got lost so I am starting over.

This past week I had the opportunity to take an online class taught by Heidi Halpern Kay, who also goes by HK Tangler on Facebook. Heidi teaches an array of tangling classes that includes bold and beautiful color. You know how much I love color! Visit her page and see her classes at Tangled in Living Color – an HK Tangler FB Group or by clicking here. The particular class I took is called Zentangle in Living Color. We began with the basic Z-string that I use frequently. When you are being taught by a Certified Zentangle Teacher you will at some point almost always use the basic Z-string.

In the space of a couple hours we went from that string to this finished tile. I can not give you any more detail than that – Heidi charges for her classes and it would not be fair to her for me to tell you more than this: we started with a 3.5″ zentangle tile and the normal tangling supplies. I can tell you the beautiful color is from Ecoline Brush Pens that I have used many times before. Interested? Check out Heidi’s page by clicking here. I know she will be happy to see you!

HK Tangler, CZT

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8 thoughts on “Zentangle in Living Color

  1. Oops! Don’t know if you saw the comment about scraperfoil? In a nutshell this reminded me of a technique we did at school (a cheap version). You use wax crayons to colour a piece of paper then paint over with black paint and then use a biro or similar to scrape out a design. Anyway I love your tile!!xx

    • I did see it, all those comments got lost when I took down the post. sorry. thank you for sending it again. it does – we used to call it scratch art <3

  2. I can see you’d enjoy this class – it’s a very distinctive style isn’t it? I smiled at the way your chop featured too, didn’t have to hunt for that one. The Z string is so versatile too – sometimes visible as here then other times it just vanishes. I often forget to use it but am very fond of it.

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