Zen-untangled! Break Time


Week four of Zen-untangled! has just wrapped up! My FB group Tangle All Around has gained almost 200 new members this month and many are still trying to get a grasp on the project. So, I decided to give everyone a one week break so people can get their feet under them. I did have a request for something to keep people busy this week so I gave them seven strings to play with this upcoming week while others play catch up! Hahaha!

Here is one of the strings I gave them to work with. I even marked the center point in case they wanted to turn this into a mandala.

I took the string and tangled up a quasi-mandala. Actually I don’t know if you would consider this a mandala or a piece of art? Either way this is what I tangled.

And even though it is break week I still wanted to include it in my journal. I used a gelli print I showed you in this post for the background. Tangles I used are flux, snail, tipple and ixorus. All tangles taught during weeks one through four. Friday we get back to week five. Interested in joining us as we work our way through all of the 170 zentangle patterns? Head on over to Tangle All Around by clicking here. Hope to see you there!

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8 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Break Time

  1. Beautiful is what I call it! Love looking at your art!
    Thanks for the break!

    • you are welcome 🙂 thanks for being so faithful to let me know someone is reading and watching <3

  2. Oh I do like this – I thought those Ixorus were Crescent Moon until I read your post & had a second look. I like the way you’ve alternated the flux direction on the spokes of the wheel too. Seems it should be in your journal too somehow. Isn’t it effective with the greyscale tangling against the coloured background & a nice touch using the lavender coloured mat for the text panel.

    • ixorus and crescent moon are much alike. I guess this really could be either one. and the lavender panel – I had extra paper and didn’t want to waste it because I really like how it looks 🙂

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