G. I. Jane, an ATC


Yesterday I showed you my Giraffe ATC for the Letter G Swap in Creative Crafty Friends. Well, I needed to make a second ATC for the letter G and I decided on G. I. Jane. The term G. I. got its start during World War II and although it meant a lot of different things – the term G. I. Joe became a term used when talking about male U. S. soldiers. Female soldiers in the Women’s Army Corps were referred to as G. I. Janes. As I scrolled through my digital stamps I came across one of a female U. S. soldier and I thought G. I. Jane starts with G! And I went with it!

I began by printing out the image and coloring it with my Copic alcohol markers. Keep in mind this image is about 1″ wide in real life. I needed her to be small enough to fit on a 2.5″ x 3.5″ ATC base. And yes, I see all those places I colored outside the lines. Hard not to when it’s this small but I was going to trim her out anyway.

I began by looking through my scrapbook paper scraps for something camouflage-y. And I had nothing. Yeah, I know! I couldn’t believe it either! Hahahaha! So I went back through again thinking American flag colors. I could have sworn I had some flag paper but this air mail postal paper was as close as I got and I thought it could work.

I took all the papers and lined them up underneath my Jane and found a configuration I liked. And I know the timing is bad with what is going on overseas right now but I really liked the sand paper from the beach. Much of our soldiering is done in those elements. A lot of it isn’t, but a lot is.

Then totally without thinking ahead I ran all the pieces through the sticker machine. You wouldn’t believe what all I cropped out of this photo. Hahahaha! I have Zen-untangled stuff everywhere! And ATC and art journaling stuff and I was getting ready for a nighttime online class. What a mess!

And I said ‘without thinking’ because once again I forgot I wanted to ink edges. I thought this cattail color would go well with my sand idea.

I peeled pieces off the sticker paper as I needed them, and I inked the edges as I went along. That blue paper is adhered to an ATC base to make the whole piece sturdier. Then I started stacking off-centered because I thought it might look cool. You never know for sure until it’s too late. So always say you meant it to be like that!

And I stacked all the papers in a pile. Ink and scuff marks on all of them. Cause I like it that way! About this time Mark says you know those are crooked? Hahahaha! I was like yes, I meant to do it that way! And I really did mean to.

Next I trimmed my G. I. Jane out. Remember yesterday I mentioned to run the elements through the sticker machine first? Then cut them out? That way you do not have sticky residue on the edges. Jane was a little tedious to cut out since she was so tiny.

But well worth the effort. Still it needed a little something else.

Doesn’t always have to be something great, and grand, and grandiose. Just some simple little finishing lines with a micron and this G. I. Jane was ready to mail out to her new home. Her and her giraffe. Hahahaha!

Interested in some swaps of your own? Check out Creative Crafty Friends right here.

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6 thoughts on “G. I. Jane, an ATC

  1. Another cute ATC to one lucky trader! Everytime I see you use your sticker maker I try to find mine but no luck. It’s just one of the small handsize ones and never worked as well as yours but I still wish I could find it.

  2. Those look pretty like camouflage colours to me – that worked really well, & I think I spy a Krista Smith image. Used to work with her rubber stamps way way way back. Unmistakeable. That dark blue base really picks up the colour of her eyes – or maybe it’s the other way about??

    • I wasn’t sure about the name. back when I was collecting I didn’t realize I should keep records of names. her name does sound familiar, though.

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