Color Explosion


I am participating – read that ‘playing’ – in a new class. It’s called 52 You and I hope to be able to use the class pieces in my journaling Bible! I am not going to explain the process as Stephanie charges and makes a living from teaching but I can hit you with a blast of color and a link. There is a lot more work to be done on these pieces – they are not completed. During the course of the class we will create and complete 52 such cards. If you are curious, here is a link to Stephanie Ackerman’s 52 You!

52 You! If you love color – this is the place to be!

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16 thoughts on “Color Explosion

  1. Okay I am intrigued. With everything going on with my health I can use all the encouragement and faith I can get. Is this worth the increased cost Alice because it is after January 1st. If I am reading it right I would also get some of the 2019 stuff.

    • we got last year’s entire class for free. I am hoping it is worth the cost. all the material comes up front – the pdfs – then we get process videos and more instruction each month. January’s videos were about making the first layers. which is what you see here. she does give us a lot in the pdfs. I’m planning on using my cards in my journaling Bible.

  2. Thanks for showing us a peak, It looks like fun. Love all the bright colors and the simple shapes and classy embellishments. I have done a similar thing when in art class in high school. where we created a wash background, then each week we would learn a new technique to apply to our cards, it was surprising and rich and totally decorated our art bay walls, as we strund them up on twine and hung them with cloths pins.

  3. I’d totally forgotten about Stephanie’s Faith Journaling book that I have & read a while back…….. I followed your link & thought there was something familiar. I can see you’ve had a lot of fun with these cards. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your photos & seeing all the products, many of which I didn’t know about.

    • I have followed her emails for a long time – this is the first time venturing into a class with her. I like everything I see so far

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