String Time!


It’s that time of week again! Thursday is String Time! in Tangle All Around!

Each week on Thursday I give my tangle group a string to work with. Keep in mind the tile I drew the string on is 3.5″ square in real life. On my desktop screen it looks like it is 7″ square. That is a huge difference. Hahahahah! If you are new to strings – they are typically drawn in pencil and act as dividers. The string splits your drawing area into sections and you tangle – or draw – patterns in each section. You can be strict and adhere to the string as drawn. Or you can switch it up a bit and combine sections.

This is my tangled string art. If you look you can till see the string lines I made in pencil. Not necessary to erase them. Usually they will fade into your tile once you add shading. I elected to fill most areas of the string – all except those two sections I left open. Color in the background is light – my first time using Miya Arts Crayons. Next time I will build up some layers. I used a Tile from Hahnemühle and drew with technical pens from Zebra Pen.

Have fun with the string – feel free to reproduce it and tangle it. I’d love to see what you do. I believe you can leave a photo in a comment. Someone should try it and see if it works 🙂 And if you are looking for a place to hang out with tangle people – or to learn how to tangle – check us out on Facebook at Tangle All Around.

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8 thoughts on “String Time!

  1. Can’t show here what I am working on. Need to add a bit more and some color yet. will post when finished at the FB group. I am working on an iPad.

    • yes, sorry. I thought there was a way to add a photo but I don’t see one either. I’ll watch for your art in the group 🙂

  2. I like how you dispersed some plain circles among the swirls you make so beautifully, and I like the patterns you chose, I don’t know what miya crayons are either, wondering if they are like my lipstick color sticks.

    • very similar, they look like huge lipsticks and they twist up. I’ll be doing more with them very soon

    • at some point. I bought these on amazon, and I do like them just haven’t had enough time to play with them

  3. Love the balanced mirrored designs – can’t quite work it out but I think they’re a flipped mirror?? The Diva Dance spirals are superb contrasting with those negative spaces of subtle colour.

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