Letter Q ATC


Not long ago I cut a King playing card apart to make an ATC for the Letter K. This time I cut a Queen playing card apart for the Letter Q.

I began with a blank ATC, three craft paints and a brayer.

Just a dab of paint – this ATC is 2.5″ x 3.5″ so there isn’t a lot of space.

Don’t be afraid to layer colors. They don’t turn into mud when you work this way. They layer and they dry really fast. And notice I am working with inexpensive craft paints from Walmart. I bet even Dollar Tree has craft paint. I knew my Queen was going to be heavy on black, red and white, so I went with some brighter, prettier colors to perk her up a bit.

I began by cutting the playing card into smaller segments and brought out my fruit punch ink pad.

These Dyestress Ink Pads are probably my favorite brand. And let me just tell you it is no easy feat to ink the edges of a slick playing card. But ink all the edges of everything I did.

I ran the card pieces through my sticker machine, then adhered them into place. With my TWSBI Eco fountain pen I added a little outlining. And I popped in a couple rhinestones for good measure.

I played with some Posca Paint Pens and the blue made an unlovely blotch. Ick! So did the pink! Double ick!

But really, it’s all about keeping going when something like that happens. Figure some way to work around it. And I did that with a white Posca. And I think my Queen turned out just fine!

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6 thoughts on “Letter Q ATC

  1. I think most artworks go through an ugly duckling stage – but as you say – keep going and with yours at least, they always turn into a lovely swan … er … ATC.

    • they usually do! my dad used to tell me that nothing was so broken that it couldn’t be fixed. I tried to teach that to my children as well. and it’ true.

  2. It’s the way your TWSBI Eco red co-ordinates with the ATC that caught my eye!! The Fruit Punch is a super colour for edging with the other colours you have – the way the pinks & yellows work with the colours of the playing card are pretty surprising but I think it’s the white contrast that makes it all work – interesting it was your white pen that managed to help ‘redeem’ the project. Think that’s one of those tangling lessons that I’ve really absorbed…….

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