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Over the past week I have shown you ATCs I made using a playing card as the base. Which works out great because the two items are the same size – 2.5″ x 3.5″ each. In Creative Crafty Friends we had a swap where we made three altered playing cards about anything Christmas. I’ve already shown you my vintage Santa card that I loved and the polar bear card which I also loved. Today is the last of the three ATCs using playing cards. Ready? Here we go.

I began by pulling out a whole bunch of papers I could use. I knew an angel was going to be the focus but I needed some papers of a similar color range to use underneath and around my angel.

And these are the items I chose. I was really feeling that hand made pink paper with the silver swirls. I have had it for several years and never had a place to use it. It is actually fabric. The paper underneath the angel and all the way to the right is a bit of scrapbook paper I really like. I’ve used it to draw on in the past and had this bit of extra. And I thought it looked really nice with the pink swirls and the Christmas sticker words I found. That angel is a piece of advertising for an angel doll at Ashton Drake. I stuck it in my collage drawer last year about this time. I knew not much of it would fit on the ATC but I thought I could fit enough to make it worthwhile.

I began by adhering the scrapbook paper onto the playing card with scor tape. The pink fabric paper was placed using Dina Wakley Clear Gesso and my paint shaper tool. Same with the scrap from my A Christmas Carol book that I use for this type of thing.

And then I thought Angels We Have Heard on High and decided to add some music score. No idea what song it is – if it is even a song. It came from another bit of scrapbook paper. I dried the attached bits with my heat tool, then trimmed away the excess paper from the playing card.

The angel was a little harder to attach. I ended up attaching her with the same clear gesso but for some reason I couldn’t work out the creases and lines. So I just hoped it made my angel look a little older and wiser. Hahahaha!

I knew I wanted to ink the edges with this Posy color because it was in my color scheme, but I also wanted to ‘finish’ the edges a bit more. So I added some cattail in a couple places.

The Happy Holidays came from the sticker sheet in the first photo. The word charms were adhered with Zots – I need to order some more.

Not my most elaborate ATC but I wanted to keep the focus on the angel and on the word Christmas.

The hardest part about these swaps is not in the making. The hardest part is not knowing how they were received. I send everything with a tracking number so I know when the packages are delivered. But out of the nine swaps I did this month, only two of those nine people acknowledged receipt of the package. In our group we are supposed to post a photo if we can – but to at least say thank you. And really all I want to know is that the person appreciated the thought. So I may be re-thinking this whole swap thing come January. On the other hand – it gives me something I can share here with you <3 and I know you appreciate it!

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12 thoughts on “Last Christmas ATC

  1. Wow you put so much into your creations and they are beautiful Alice, Thank you for sharing them here!

  2. All so pretty! I have not had enough time to be creative lately and I really feel it. Sorry for the lack of response in your group. There really is no excuse anymore with how easy it is to snap a picture and post. I very much appreciate you and your posts and your art. Sorry that is not said enough. Be merry and art on!❤❤

    • thank you, kris, thanks for understanding. I get frustrated and you guys have to listen to me vent

  3. We DO appreciate it! It’s too bad that so many people don’t acknowledge such things. It seems to be the way these days. *sigh* Your ATC turned out gorgeous!

    • thanks, sandra, I have addressed this with the admin for the group. she is frustrated too and rules will be more specific in January

  4. Fascinating seeing how you put the patterned papers together to begin with, it’s so lovely seeing the process behind the final creation. That swirly silvery coil from the handmade paper placed diagonally across from the ‘o’ in Joy drawing the eye upwards via the angel’s necklace works beautifully.

  5. Wow – that’s shocking to hear how many people didn’t respond to acknowledge what you sent them. Hmmm, not good in my opinion. Well, I for one am saying thank you for sharing this with us here – it’s really not to my tastes – way too pink and girly, hahaha, but I loved watching it come together nonetheless!

  6. What a beautiful ATC!! I love your color combinations and the tiny details. Your artistry always makes me smile. I’m saddened by your lack of responses, though. Those who participate really should know that gratitude is essential. It’s a big part of why we give away what we’ve made with love!

    • I totally agree. I’ve been talking with one of the admins this morning so I think this will be addressed in January. I don’t care about praise, I just want to know they got it and appreciated it.

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