Faux Alcohol Ink Using Mildliners


Recently I shared a project with the folks at Zebra Pen and hopefully they will include it on their website soon. In the meantime, I want to show you a similar project using their mildliners with some isopropyl alcohol.

Supplies are simple: I really like working with Tim’s alcohol ink card stock for quick projects. I started with these three mildliner brush pens and ultimately made a few changes with the colors. The only thing not pictured here is some isopropyl alcohol I have stored in a fineline applicator bottle. I’ll get to that in a minute.

There is no real rocket science going on here. Just grab a mildliner and scribble on some color. None of those lines are going to still be recognizable so don’t waste time worrying about being exact. Just get the color on the card stock.

Kind of hard to see in a photo, but next I squeezed out some alcohol right on top of the magenta color, then used the air maker to start pushing the color around. The alcohol works as an agent to start splitting up the mildliner color and making it more moveable.

And it worked well, so I stopped and scribbled in some more colors. Not aiming for precision, just for getting color on the paper.

Not much to see in this photo except you can see the nozzle of the fineline applicator I use to add the alcohol. I just fill the bottle and store it in a cabinet here in my art room. And I label it so anyone who picks it up will know what it is.

Here you can see the line of alcohol I squeezed out all around the color like a snake.

This particular air tool doesn’t seem to be carried any longer, but We R Memory Keepers has one. You can see it here. I just squeeze the bulb and push the alcohol and color around until it configures into something I like.

I continued to work the air, pushing color and defining sections. Making runs and little puddles.

Once I got to this point, I thought it could use a little more green in that open area at the bottom.

And I added just a drop of alcohol and pushed the color with the air. I love how this turned out! And I can tangle on it with my technical pens also from Zebra Pen!

Here is one other I did using just two colors. I love all the little squiggles and runs! So much fun! And who knew you could use mildliners with some alcohol and turn them into faux alcohol inks?! Awesome!

Zebra Pen, mildliners
Zebra Pen, technical pens
Ranger alcohol ink cardstock
Air tool
Fineline applicator bottle

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6 thoughts on “Faux Alcohol Ink Using Mildliners

  1. Now that green one is quite incredible – thank you for such detailed process photos, it’s fascinating how the alcohol reacts & I can’t imagine how you manage to keep stopping to take the photos as you go along. Your blog is a lovely documentation of products & techniques.

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