U is For Unicorn :)


Today I want to show you a cool new tool to work with. At least it’s new to me. I was watching a Mimi Bondi video and saw her using this and knew I needed it! And this ATC I was working on gave me the perfect opportunity!

For today’s post I was making an ATC for the Letter U and I had this beautiful page of rice paper art that was just right! At first I was concerned this beautiful unicorn piece would be too large to fit on my 2.5″ x 3.5″ piece of mixed media paper but I figured a way around that. But first I needed to get the unicorn off the page. I could have cut around the circle with scissors but I know that frayed or torn edges adhere better to a surface and I wanted that quality. I used my water brush filled with water and made a wet line around the whole circle. And I went over the line a second time to make sure it was good and wet.

Removing the circle was easy – I just used my fingers to pull the paper gently apart and slid that whole unicorn piece right out. Think about wet tissue paper and how easy it is to tear. This is the same idea.

And this is my new tool. Pretty spiffy, yes? Hahahaha! They need to make this in teal. It’s called a silicone color shaper and it comes in various widths. The one I bought is one inch wide. The rubber end is flexible so it bends and the corners are great for working in … well, corners. Yep.

I used the color shaper to smooth a layer of Dina Wakley’s Clear Gesso all over the white ATC, then I placed the unicorn piece right down onto the wet gooey paper. I smoothed another layer of clear gesso right over the top of the whole thing and it got a little better than what you see here – a whole lot less streaks and a lot smoother. Then I used my heat gun to dry everything.

Once dry I was able to trim the excess rice paper away from the three sides of the ATC. See how smooth everything looks? That color shaper tool is awesome! Even better than my leftover old credit cards and hotel room card keys.

I have shown you these sayings from Tim Holtz before. This one is a spiral book with a bunch of pages and it’s called Small Talk. I thought the saying ‘life was meant for a great adventure’ went well with a unicorn wearing red lipstick. So I pulled that saying off the page, cut it into two pieces and . . .

. . . inked the edges.

And attached it to the ATC.

Here are the ink pads I used – I bought mine from Altenew.

I really thought inking the edges of the ATC would be enough drama for this piece. But I was wrong. Hahaha!

Remember my stencil project? I have a ton of stencils – I’ve been buying them for over 20 years – and many of them have never been used. So I have them all in one big box stuffed under my recliner and when I can use one I pull the box out and make a selection. I chose this harlequin looking pattern and I used the black archival ink.

Just a little harlequin stamped with ink right through the stencil on one corner. I was liking it a lot!

But it still didn’t look complete. I used a technical pen from Zebra Pen to go over some of the black lines and pop a few areas, then decided to ink all the edges in black. And smudge some ink right onto the ATC itself. And called it done. When I signed up for the Letter U swap I told Mark I refused to do anything unicorn related but turns out I don’t have a lot of U-related product in my room. And I loved this piece of rice paper. The unicorn is why I bought it to start with. So Unicorn it is √

Silicone Color Shaper
Dina Wakley Clear Gesso
Wonderland Fantasy Rice Paper
Tim Holtz Small Talk Stickers
Altenew Ink Pads
Harlequin Dinky Stencil

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9 thoughts on “U is For Unicorn :)

  1. Ifs a gorgeous art piece, the Unicorn, quotes an colours make this art piece magical. Lovely art, also enjoying seeing some wonderful art on Instagram that you’ve most.

    • thanks for following my instagram – I recognize your name when I see it 🙂 and I smile

  2. I would love to see a picture of your craft room! You seem to have EVERYTHING and more!

    • hahaha! I rep for four different companies – and that helps. I will put together a post about my studio 🙂 I am always rearranging and moving things to make more space

  3. Those color shapers are awesome. I have one – and, of course, I lost it. One of these days I’ll find it again, but so far it has told me where it is hiding!

    • I had never heard of them before. it is going to be my new best friend when collaging

  4. Next time you can find yourself an “umbrella” for standing “under” when it’s raining. Or you could tangle some “Umble”………. mmmm – I always did love the letters of the alphabet anything: tags, quizzes……. The black harlequin stencilling is perfect as is the black inking. Now I wonder if that technique with the gesso would work with paper napkins. The brush tool looks an incredible piece of equipment.

    • it does work with paper napkins. I’ve done that and it works great. I didn’t realize before that I could heat dry this and prevents wrinkles that way. brings a whole new level to collaging.

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