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It is hard to find time to just tangle for myself. I am trying to work on a tile each day – it doesn’t always work out. But this past week I did good fitting in the time. Hahahaha!

This started with Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks for the background on a Zentangle® tile. Really absorbent paper but this color worked great on it. I just realized I forgot to add white highlights but it is too late now. Hahahaha! Patterns are cee-a-mosa and diva dance rock n’ roll.

Color is Lindy’s Magicals on a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle. Apparently I was really feeling like cee-a-mosa this week. Hahahaha! And printemps because I usually start with those.

This might be my favorite from the week. Jane’s Inkredible Inks on a Zentangle tile – trying to use those up and get rid of them. I used technical pens from Zebra Pen on all these tiles, and I added a white Sakura gelly roll pen for that middle section and the highlight dots. Shading done with regular graphite. Patterns – flux and ripped screen.

Soft and pretty on a YouTangle.art Tile. Background color is Lindy’s Magicals. I made up a bunch of colored tiles before Inktober and I am still using the leftovers. These Magicals really are magical. Patterns – narwal, diva dance rock n’ roll, shattuck, onamato, flux, and weave.

Also on a YouTangle.art Tile. I went with simple for this one. Fiore, zone and corragate. Those last two patterns can be found in my newest book Tangle All Around the World.

The last one for this week – YouTangle.art Tile. Technical pens from Zebra Pen. I started with floral in that lower right corner and added Kodi, diva dance rock n’ roll (apparently I was feeling that one this week also) and viola. This tile just came together in about 15 minutes. I love it when that happens. Truthfully it doesn’t happen all that often for me. Normally I get a little bit done, then have to go take the dog outside, or put in a load of wash, then tangle a little more, then it’s time to eat, or do the dishes, then tangle a little more, then it’s time to check in with my group Tangle All Around, then make a blog post, then maybe finish tangling. Hahahaha! People ask me all the time – many of you ask me all the time – how I get so much done. How do I meet all my commitments. Have you ever seen a chicken running around with its head cut off? (Thank you for that visual, Granddaddy.) Well, it’s kind of like that! Hahahahahaha! She laughed maniacally! See you tomorrow!

Technical Pens, Zebra Pen

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16 thoughts on “Tangle Time

  1. Loving the manic laughter! I like the tangle in the second to last square- is it ‘zone’? It looks quite complicated with all the over and unders. I might just have to have a go at this one… Hope you haven’t stopped making the fab ATCs, but it is good to do something different sometimes. Only thing I find is, having so many bits you like to do, you end up doing nothing because you can’t decide which one to do at the time! Gosh that was a long sentence hope you get the gist of it xx

    • hahaha! yes, I totally understand! I am still working on ATCs, I just wanted to post something different. I do enjoy a lot of different art styles – and I try to include them all here in this site.

  2. My turn for manic laughter, just treated myself to your book. Gosh it has lots and lots of great reviews and it’s only been out since September! Anyway, have a good day xx

    • haha! that’s great! thank you so much for supporting my book! it will keep you busy for quite awhile. enjoy <3 you have a great day,too!

  3. Lovely to see a bunch of your backgrounds all tangled up! My favourite is the Narwal one – the way it is cuddled around the Diva Dance.

  4. I so love your work and your style. Your ATCs are fascinating but I’m not quite ready to dive into them 🙂 I do have a silly question, just because I’m still learning (hopefully that never stops), when you make your circles, especially the larger ones, do you use a guide or freehand? Same with grid lines. I know you are gifted in your art abilities but was curious if you had a secret other than practice. I often “cheat” when making larger circles and use a guide. I also follow Creative Patterns and am fascinated by them. Thanks!

    • I totally use a circle template. most always. grids – sometimes I free hand them, sometimes I use a ruler. I know true ‘zentangle’ calls for neither of those, but I don’t mind. it’s my art and I can do it however makes me happy 🙂 you should, too.

  5. Definitely that penultimate tile with Fiore, Zone & Corragate is my favourite though the one with white Flux & the highlight dots is one I keep looking at for the way those dots draw the eye & are echoed in both patterns. Yep – snatches of time working on a project makes it grow. It’s great fun finding your chop buried amongst the patterns.

    • that tile is probably my favorite although that may change from minute to minute. hahaha! I did like the flux one, too! and I am getting to where I just draw the chop on the tile somewhere and start there with filling in tangles

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