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Since Inktober wrapped up I have tried to maintain my daily tangling. We are also getting ready for snow here: getting the supplies in that we need, stocking up with wood pellets, setting up the snow plow, getting clothes ready, planning ahead. It will be the first snow of the year and over the next week they are expecting up to 25 inches of snow! Eek! And every minute I can I am trying to fit in some drawing. Some tangling.

I’ve shown you this before. But a little different. This is a wall in my art room. I started drawing on it when we first moved into the house. Something I always wanted to do but never really had a place that would work. There was one whole section I really disliked and I got stuck for a long time and just quit. Then recently I spotted a big bottle of white acrylic paint and got an idea. Hahaha! I painted right over the eyesore part of the wall. About 5 – 6 times to mostly get rid of it. The tangling was done with a black IdentiPen and a brown one and that brown just didn’t want to be covered. It kept bleeding through the layers of white. To fix that I added more of the airways tangle with the brown centers and lined them up so the brown centers went over the brown bleed-through from before. I love the whole underwater vibe and will continue adding details to this piece. I had Mark hang up my steampunk ship – wanting it to be in the water but he is taller than me so he put it at his eye level, not mine. So I will be adding more water features to go up and around that ship. Airways, printemps and Indy Rella fish will fill in areas and they will all be connected with tipple. It really is in a bad place to try to get a photo.

If you have a copy of Tangle All Around the World you will have already seen this ship – just in black and white since the book is in B&W. Tangle a wall in your house? Absolutely! The IDentiPens are the perfect pen for this kind of work! I haven’t had any problems with smears or smudges. The jury is still out on shading. I’m thinking that isn’t going to happen. Hahahaha! Honestly if I can just finish this high up part with my vertigo – I will be very happy! Now back to the snow prepping I go.


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4 thoughts on “Tangle Anywhere

    • I waited a long time to get this wall. hahaha! in Florida we had a white door. I was going to draw on it then we decided to pull up stakes and move north

  1. Oh do be careful, high up is NOT a good idea with vertigo. Great solution using the brown for Airways to sort out the seepage. It could be a flying ship – steampunk kind!!

    • hahaha! absolutely! I thought about hanging it a little crooked so it might look like it was flying

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