The Making of a King


Well that feature photo tells you absolutely nothing about this post except that it will be colorful. And if you have followed me for long . . . well, you already knew that part. Hahahaha! On this particular day I was setting out to make a King. To build a King – so to speak. Not quite from scratch because I cheated. A bit. Let me show you.

Not sure what I was thinking but I signed up for a total of seven swaps in Creative Crafty Friends. I think I was just in the mood for something that wasn’t tangling. You ever get that way? Some days I just don’t want to draw or tangle. I just want to make art. And ATCs are a quick and fun way to do that. And because of their size you can make a complete piece of art in a short amount of time. Well, I had my list of seven topics in hand and I pulled out a bunch of supplies to provide fodder for those topics. Before I am done I will be making a total of 13 ATCs to fill those obligations.

I needed to make two Letter K ATCs and I did not have a lot of K material to work with. Hahahaha! I know you find that hard to believe, yes? Hahahaha! Then I had a brilliant stroke of an idea – grab a playing card, cut it apart and rebuild it. So I did. An ATC is 2.5″ x 3.5″ and I chose to use mixed media paper for this particular one. I cut that playing card into pieces. And because a playing card is the exact size of an ATC – I trimmed away bits that I didn’t need in order to reduce the size of the pieces I kept.

I began by coloring my base. I wanted it to sparkle and shimmer and shine and there is no better product for that than Lindy’s Magicals. Not the ‘flat’ colors but the shimmery ones.

These three colors are what I decided to go with. I thought they would compliment my King.

Just using a regular old water brush filled with water to spread all that beautiful color. You can actually see the sparkle in this shot. That is really hard to capture in a picture. We got lucky 🙂

Here it is dry. Yes, most of that will get covered up with the playing card pieces, but isn’t it beautiful? I used this Caribbean Dyestress ink pad to go around the edges. It just doesn’t look finished to me if I can see white edges. Totally a personal preference.

I even inked these pieces with black. Those little bits were a little tricky and I mostly had ink stained fingertips when I was done. It goes pretty well with the perpetual blue and purple fingers I normally have on any given day.

I’ve talked about my sticker machine before. Want to see it work? I slid the main block of the card into the slot and turned the blue handle that you can not see on the right hand side. And apparently Aurora has been near my machine and left some evidence behind.

The paper feeds out on the back side of the machine and this card is now a sticker. The rest of the white paper is not sticky, but when I remove the card piece it will be covered in sticky adhesive on the back. Just like magic!

I have a smaller machine for little pieces – that is why the paper looks different. But it works basically the same way. Then I place a paper towel over both pieces and smooth it all down with my fingertips and any sticky residue adheres to the paper towel. Then I just peel the pieces off and use them like stickers.

Ta-da! Stuck in place. I thought I needed to darken up those edges of the overall piece so I added black around the edge in some places, keeping the Caribbean in others.

Now I needed to do something to jazz this ATC up. My TWSBI Eco fountain pen was perfect for some scribble lines around the card pieces.

A white Sharpie water based paint pent added a faint outline around the card. This didn’t work so well so I moved on.

The pink you see is Jane Davenport’s Paint Over Pen. The white Sharpie worked great for dotting those lines. And I liked it but this king still needed something.

I grabbed my bottle of Dina Wakley’s black acrylic paint and squeezed out just a bit onto my craft mat. And added water – enough to make it watery. Not painty.

And used a fan brush to pick up watered down black color and flick it or splatter it across the ATC and much of my desktop cause that’s how I do it.

Still not feeling it so I grabbed white acrylic and did the same thing with it. I like the combination of splatter colors.

And dry. I had a hard time getting a photograph. I think my camera was trying focus on the glossy playing card and not focusing on the matte ATC background. Anyway – you get the idea. And I was happy with the ATC finally.

I needed to make another K ATC. I looked at my king and thought ‘key’. There is an old Christian gospel song called Keys to the Kingdom. Well maybe my king needed a key, too. So that is what I worked on next. Probably going to be a short post for tomorrow.

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9 thoughts on “The Making of a King

  1. Loved seeing your King ATC evolving. Reminds me of a time many years ago that I sent playing cards from the Hearts suit to close friends one Valentine’s Day!

    Thanks for the reminder too that I need to play with my Magicals. I’ve only scratched the surface with them so far!

  2. Again the inked edges really finish the pieces off – had to smile over all the jazzy additions & thought those scribbly lines a perfect compliment to those on the king’s crown.

    • I started off going somewhere else with those scribbly lines and it didn’t work, then I thought about my loosey goosey flowers and thought that same idea might work here 🙂

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