Ready For Some Fall?


Fall is quickly slipping away from us. Seems like the leaves just started changing colors and now many of the leaves have already fallen. Winter is just around the corner. Kali actually had snow in Colorado yesterday. What were we doing? Yesterday we drove to Presque Isle to visit the doctor and I took a lot of cell phone shots on the road to show you some of the last leaves.

We pass this beautiful stream each morning when we go into Houlton so Mark can do his physical therapy at Walmart. Hahahaha! If you are new here, Mark just had a full hip replacement 5 weeks ago. His therapy is to walk on safe flat surface each day and we do that at Walmart. While trying not to spend too much money.

Here’s a shot of the bend in the stream, our dashboard and the guard rail. Hahahaha!

You’ve seen this bridge before. It is a walkway that takes people on foot into the downtown area of Houlton. It is beautiful no matter what season it is. It’s even pretty in mud season.

At the little park in Houlton. Most of these photos aren’t going to be in any real order. Sorry. I shoots them as I sees them!

I think I’ve mentioned there are wild apple trees everywhere up here. Here is one. Those apples will remain red and stay on that tree through winter. When spring comes the apples will fall off and new ones will appear in the summer. This is one way God feeds the deer and moose during the hardest parts of winter.

Totally shot this photo out the window in my art studio. Not sure why the leaves on most of those trees aren’t changing colors but just check out the lawn man. Hahaha! Mark got the ok from the doctor to cut the grass. He was having a great time!

Another stream. All these streams will be frozen over in winter. I guess the fish hibernate?

A couple nights ago just before the rain.

Our side yard is finally looking good!

Somewhere near Mars Hill, Maine, yesterday. Sorry, but there are power lines everywhere. Hard to miss them in photos.

Presque Isle, Maine. There are cemeteries everywhere up here and this is a large one. I take photos of it each time we go past.

It really is lovely. As cemeteries go.

On the way we pass the whole galaxy.

In this one you can see the wind turbines on top of the hill. Just outside of Mars Hill.

And before we knew it we were headed home. No, this is not our house. But it is someone’s house. It makes a great shot!

This is where we live. These trees are right behind Doug. My dragon mailbox. I was on the wrong side of the car to get him into the shot. Hahaha!

Mark’s doctor visit went very well. We will go back again in six weeks. They did a new X-ray and his hip is looking great! And he has been cleared for snow mobiling when the time gets here. As long as he rides smart. I have a feeling some of his riding habits may have to slow down a bit. Hahaha! But he is cleared and that is what matters. We arrived home to find a package from Dublin, Ireland on the porch. I ordered some inks from them Tuesday and they were here Thursday. I don’t even see how that is possible. Be watching for some new product information here shortly. Until then – have a great weekend!

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24 thoughts on “Ready For Some Fall?

  1. Love your photos! The house looks interesting. Sounds like Mark is doing great! That is awesome news!

  2. What a Beautiful ride I had with you tidal, just driving and admiring Gods work in the fall. Thank you for today’s journey.

  3. Glad to hear Mark’s doctor visit went very well. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your part of the world !

  4. Beautiful photos – stunning colours. My mother always used to talk about wanting to visit New England in the Fall – sadly she never got to, but I was thinking of her while enjoying your photos.

    So pleased to hear things are going well with Mark’s hip. A close friend had her hip replaced 2 weeks ago, so she’s a little behind Mark but more comfortable every day.

    • yes, each day made a huge difference with Mark – still does. it is crazy how much each day makes a difference.

  5. Beautiful shots – thank you for sharing! (one of these days my timing will be right when I visit the East Coast and I’ll actually get to experience the fall colors!)

  6. I’m glad Mark’s visit went well. Beautiful countryside. I’m hoping we’ll have the weather good enough to drive down the gorge this week-end and see the leaf change here.

  7. Your photos are spectacular, Alice! Our autumn is short where I live too (Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe). Perhaps because I was born in October, I’ve always felt such delight when the leaves begin to turn from spring and summer green to all the yummy shades of sunlight, mustard, tangerine, rust and cinnamon! I’m glad to hear Mark is doing well and your mentioning physical therapy at Walmart cracked me up! Happy fall to you both. 🙂

    • got to do the therapy where we can. hahaha! Mark has no insurance so free physical therapy is working great for us. actually the doctor said he is doing the same thing a therapist would charge him to do. we just try to leave the wallets in the car most days.

  8. Those inks must have caught the flight just before it took off & the U S mail delivery people collected it just after the plane landed. Actually I suppose they could have spotted your house from the plane & parachuted it to land just where you found it with a biodegradable parachute!! Great news about Mark – he mustn’t overdo it though. ….. That last tree photo is glorious.

    • hahahaha! it could have happened exactly like that! hahahaha! we went for a ride today and got some beautiful shots of leaves. you will be seeing them in a post before long. and hey! I sent you a surprise. should show up in a day or two 🙂

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