Pre-Strung 3Z Set


Zentangle HQ sells these fun tiles called 3Zs. Triangle shaped, a set of six fits neatly into a round-ish puzzle configuration. And if you purchase the pre-strung tiles you really get some mix and match fun!

Last night I began with this set-up. Six of the 3Zs and two bottles of Dylusions Ink Sprays. For the first time in two years, Dyan just released six new colors. For this project I went with pink flamingo and island parrot. Pink and lime always work well for me! And here you can get a great idea of what I mean by pre-strung. Those lines are already printed on the 3Zs when you purchase them. No matter how you rotate these triangles, those lines always match up from one tile to the next.

I didn’t think to take a similar photo at the beginning but I figured this is better than not at all. Before I started adding ink, I flipped the whole thing over and used painter’s tape to connect the pieces into a pie shape. That way when I start spraying ink and using air – the puzzle pie stays together and doesn’t blow onto the floor and into my drapes. Yep. Cause it happens. Hahaha!

I began by spraying the entire 3Z shape with water.

Then I took the island parrot and just spritzed a bit in the middle.

And added sprays of pink flamingo and a bit more of the island parrot. Not going for full coverage here, just getting some color onto the tiles. And I can tell from all the speckles that I didn’t have a good coverage of water on the tiles. Actually, I probably did to begin with but I forgot to take the plastic wrappers off these new bottles and while I did that most of my water dried up.

At this point, look at the tiles and see what is missing. This needed more green to balance out the color. You have to be careful not to make mud, though.

And it really did need more water, so I sprayed the whole thing again with water. And let the colors blend and run a bit. But not too much. Because no one likes mud on their art.

I could tell I was in jeopardy of making mud so I used a roll of paper towels and blotted up the excess. And decided this was too boring. Hahahahaha! You know how I am about color! I needed more ‘pretty’ but I knew I still needed to be able to see those faint string lines.

You can never have too much pink so I added more.

And I added more water, then blotted again. I liked these tiles at this point, so I sat them aside to dry overnight. Sometimes I use the heat tool but it was almost time for The Voice, so I just pushed these to the side and grabbed my iPad and headed to the living room and the TV.

This morning, I turned the set over and gently peeled the painter’s tapes away. If you are gentle it doesn’t even disturb your paper. I think washi tape would work just as well.

If I had dried this with the heat tool I would have retained some of the splotchiness. By leaving it wet – the colors continued to blend and smooth. And that one section to the right is more olive than lime but I am OK with it. Now that I have this in six separate pieces, I can grab a section as I find time and tangle it. The six pieces do not have to be tangled the same, although they could be if I wanted. I am more an in-the-moment kind of person and will go with whatever I can think of at the time. And when I get the whole thing completed – you will be the first to know.

Need a tangle place to hang out with like-minded folks? Come on over to Facebook and Tangle All Around. We are a group of really nice tanglers who will ooh! and ah! over your art and we help each other get better. I’d love to see you there!

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10 thoughts on “Pre-Strung 3Z Set

    • it would! and I have enough of them to do it. I think there are 5 or 6 different sets in the pack

  1. These look great – and no prizes for guessing that the olive part is my favourite. This will look so good tangled and reassembled!

    • I keep wavering on what I want to do with it. I expect the pieces will all be tangled similarly instead of totally different. maybe I will do one of each and compare 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Will be waiting on the edge of my seat to see what you do with it!

  3. I discovered I’m partial to triangles so this caught my attention straight away & when that olive green appeared – oh my!! You amaze me that you avoid mud so regularly, I reckon it’s decided it will not stick to your artwork! Anyhow, digressions aside – love the way those tiles fit together with the strings & am most intrigued to see what you do with them.

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