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Just a quick post today to get the idea of these awesome gouache colors out there!

Miya Arts is an instagram account I follow. Beautiful art and fun supplies are featured in their posts. They generously sent me some supplies to try and to post about. This photo above was borrowed from online – in it you see the set of gouache paints they sent me. When they arrived I took the covers off the jelly cups and put the set on a shelf – away from Aurora – for the paints to start setting and hardening up.

This is my set – as they harden, they also crack and split. It’s the nature of the beast. Easy to use at this point, I just sprayed them with water and grabbed a water brush to get started.

The first thing I did was make a color chart. When I peeled the covers off originally, I rearranged the jelly cups into an order that I wished to have them in. Different order than the company sent them. I need it to make sense to me when I am using the colors. I’ll go into more detail about these gouache colors in a later post. Today I just wanted to play for a minute.

I really liked the purple and the last blue on the middle row. I sprayed a Zentangle® tile with water, then took my water brush and picked up some of the blue. I just dotted it down into the puddle of water on my tile, then used the brush to move the color around and fill the wet area.

Sprayed on more water and tilted the tile from side to side to move the blue around some more. I wanted a nice base of the blue before I added anything else to the tile.

Sorry this is blurry, it is the only photo I got at this stage. I cleaned off my water brush and used it to grab some of the beautiful purple and dash it into the water where the puddle was heaviest. Can you see where the purple is already starting to blend with the blue along the bottom?

Next I picked up some yellow and added it to the middle. I think I sprayed on more water, then added more yellow. I liked how the colors were working together and how the water was pulling the colors into combination.

I really didn’t want to disturb the color very much because I liked this configuration. I sat it to the side to dry while Mark and I had dinner. Fried rice with shrimp, pork and chicken. Yummy!!!

And this is how the gouache colors dried. Really different from when it was wet. I am thinking about going back in and wetting the center and adding more of the colors. And then when I am happy with it I will tangle on it. Something floral more than likely. Maybe I’ll grab my TWSBY pen and do some loosey gooseys. <3

Much more play with the Miya Art’s Gouache paints is up and coming. With just this one project I already know I am going to love them!

Miya Art’s Gouache Set

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6 thoughts on “Miya Arts Gouache

  1. How intriguing – love the little spots of yellow in the midst & that bloom of aqua colour. Floral sounds interesting. It’s a very long time since I handled gouache – think I was about 17 so it’s over 40 years ago!!!. And now I’m caught up with your posts, the next week should be less hectic with work.

    • I’m glad you have a less hectic week coming up. you deserve it – you work so hard! I know you love it, though <3

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