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Taking back the studio! Working those stencils! Hahahaha! You may have noticed a few posts lately where I used a stencil. I used one yesterday and I actually bought a stencil last week. Eek! What was I thinking??? That takes my current stencil count to . . . hmmm 367. Eeeeek!!!!! But in my defense I have been buying and acquiring stencils for over 20 years.

All my stencils are in a cardboard box under the recliner in my studio and when I use a stencil I put it away in the drawers where I normally keep them. I am going to keep this up till I use every single one of those stencils at least once. Today’s project is a short, simple one! And it uses very few supplies. I grabbed a piece of Bamboo mixed media paper from Hahnemühle, a stencil (link at end of post,) my craft mat and a tube of Acrylic Mousse from Marabu. I only have this in one color – Barb sent it to me from Joggles when I bought something else. I really like this color! The only thing better would be if I had this in teal! Oh, look! Joggles still carries these! And look! Caribbean – that is almost like teal! Hahahaha!

Easy peasy! Stack your items like this – craft mat on the bottom, then the paper, then the stencil, then use a palette knife to scrap some of that lovely mousse across the surface of the stencil. I began by putting some of the mousse on a styrofoam plate, then using the palette knife to pick it up. You could probably just squirt it right on top of the stencil then move it with the knife. But – scrape it over the stencil and smooth it with the side of the palette knife.

Work the entire section you want to use. For me, I covered the whole 3″ x 4″ piece of Bamboo. Except for those couple places I missed. Apparently.

Then lift your stencil away and either rinse it off or stick it in a water bath until later. This mousse will dry hard as a rock and you don’t want that on your stencil forever. I moved this to a drying rack and cleaned off my craft mat. Because craft mats aren’t nice with concrete on them either. Look at this photo. Do you see those blue lines around some of the pink petals? I am guessing that is color breaking up from the pink but I am not totally sure. I may need to get that Caribbean color and see what it does.

I moved this off to the side to dry overnight. Once it was dry I noticed those blue lines where still there. Hmmmm. Maybe I really do need to get another color and play with it. I sure wish Marabu knew I was playing with all their product. Maybe they would mail me a tube of Caribbean. Just not the light grey or mistletoe because yuck. Hahaha! I am pretty sure this will one day grow up to be the base of an ATC. If that happens you will be the first to know. Until tomorrow.

Bamboo Mixed Media and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links
Marabu Acryl Mousse
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6 thoughts on “Marabu Acryl Mousse

  1. Cool! I am going to research this for my kitchen! At least I could justify more art supplies to my hubby. ?
    Could the blue have come from leftover paint on your stencil?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • no, because that stencil had never been used before. I want to see pictures of your kitchen if you do something there 🙂

  2. Yay for using stencils! How have you managed to keep from buying repeats? I know I’ll drool over a stencil I see somewhere, and then go through mine and find I already have that pattern.

  3. Hmm – wonder if somehow the blue of the stencil interacted with the composition of the mousse?? Looks rather similar to me & as if it somehow contaminated the mousse. Not heard of acrylic mousse before but did have a rather bad experience trying to use acrylic paints so anything with that name I steer clear of.

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