Lindy’s Magicals, Day Four


This week we have been trying different things with Lindy’s Magicals. If you missed that you should go back over the past three days and read those posts – you don’t want to miss out on these little pots of . . . well, magic! Today I want to show you my favorite technique! So far! Hahaha!

For today’s technique, I stepped away from the Tiles I’ve been using and went to some Harmony Hot Pressed watercolor paper from Hahnemühle. And I made this project at night, hence the shadows on this photo. Sorry. Hopefully I did better with the rest of them. This paper is 9″ x 12″ which worked perfectly with the Ancient Ruins stencil I picked up from Joggles. I’ll include a link at the end of the post. Since the paper and the stencil were the same size – the stencil tended to stay in place better. Just lay whichever stencil you choose to use on top of your paper.

I took a tube of Liquitex Basics Modeling Paste and squeezed off some bits of it onto a styrofoam plate. In retrospect I could probably have used more room but I made this many bits of paste on one plate work. Next I used my palette knife – remember yesterday? – and scooped up a bit of color and dropped it right on top of one of those white squiggles of paste. Seven bits of paste – drops of seven different colors.

I used the palette knife to mix one of those blobs up. Texture paste would work well like this, too, and I expect gesso would also. I mixed the medium with the color I dropped onto it. Then scooped it up with the palette knife . . .

. . . and scraped it across the surface of the stencil. If you use the flat bottom of the palette knife it works very well. I knew I had seven colors, so I just kept repeating this process – adding blocks of colors. If you are not familiar with modeling paste or texture paste – when this dries the color blocks are going to be hard. Almost like little bits of concrete. You want to clean off your stencil before it dries. So I brought a pan of water into the studio just in case. And I sat it where Aurora couldn’t reach. Because she totally would.

As I went along, some of the colors overlapped and caused new colors to happen. In some places I got streaks of color inside other color wells. Pretty perfect – hahaha! And because these powders were not getting watered down I still had beautiful intense color.

Just continue working your stencil until all the openings are filled in. You can even use the flat side of the palette knife to ‘scrape’ across the surface of the stencil making all your little sections equal in height. And if your colors mix and blur like mine did – it’s all good! Trust me! It will all be wonderful! Let me show you 🙂

When you are finished just lift that stencil away and either wash it off or stick it in a pan of water like I did. You can wash that baby later!

This section was darker than I like – but in the scheme of the overall piece it works very well. If some of your color scoots underneath the stencil – no problem. It is all wonderful! I promise.

You can see how my green and yellow blended in streaks in this photo. And the yellow and teal at the top. It makes more colors. Cool!

And here is the full page in its 100% full sized glory. Because I can and because it is that beautiful! Wow! I may make another one today! I showed it to Mark and told him I had no idea what I would do with it. His suggestion? Make a blog post out of it! Yep! Absolutely! Hahahaha!

This concludes what I wanted to show you with Lindy’s Magicals. One thing I did not do with them is to add some powder into the wells of a paint palette, wet them and actually watercolor with them. That doesn’t work with how I make art so I will probably never do that. But you could! I love how these work and I am very happy with the results I was able to achieve this week working with the Magicals. I have ordered additional colors and I know I will be sharing with you about these little powders again soon. Have a great week!

Harmony Hot Pressed Watercolor paper and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links
Lindy’s Magicals
Liquitex Basics Modeling Paste
Ancient Ruins Stencil

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12 thoughts on “Lindy’s Magicals, Day Four

  1. I love these so much! I’ve never used modeling clay. I love all your tips and demos. They are incredibly helpful. ?

  2. Wow – that’s a striking piece – I especially love the mingled bits of colour. I need to find time to play with my Magicals – I want to try using them lightly for a background and then adding intense pops of sheeny colour after tangling… could be great, could be a mess!

  3. These all came out beautiful! I still want that for my kitchen backsplash! It would add such a wonderful pop of color! I may have to see what I could come up with! Thank You for sharing!

    • they would for sure! I’ll have to look into that! and I got some new colors I want to play with – maybe roses next

  4. Very interesting indeed. My favourite technique was what you did on the second day but this has created some very interesting effects where the colours change & merge with one another to form a third on the way.

    • I really like this one! I got a few more colors in the mail and now I want to do one with a rose stencil and see how it turns out

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