Inktober, Days 21 – 27


Inktober is quickly coming to a close. It has been hard this year making myself complete each day. But so worth it as I can finally see an end in sight.

Each of these tiles were created on a Tile from Hahnemühle using technical pens from Zebra Pen. This was my day 21 piece. The inktober prompt for the day was treasure, the tangle prompt was perlz. Background color is Daler Rowney acrylic inks used on my craft mat like a watercolor. I also used a Sakura white gelly roll pen.

Day 22’s inktober prompt was ghost. I happened across this cute little ghostie guy on google and brought him in for the day. No, he is not a tangle or even a pattern. He is a doodle but sometimes it is worth it when the doodle is this cute. Background color is Lindy’s Magicals. I also included ringz, amigo two and tunnelvizion.

The inktober prompt for day 23 was ancient. I chose the tangle Raphael thinking it would fit the ancient prompt very well. I turned Raphael into some lace and added diva dance rock ‘n roll for some embroidery on my antique lace doily. So to speak. Background color is Lindy’s Magical Shakers.

This week’s prompts were a little different. For day 24 the inktober prompt was dizzy. I chose the tangle Yale because it right away reminds me of vertigo. A dizzy sickness I get on a fairly regular basis. No fun at all. I added printemps because they also remind me of dizziness. Not cool, Inktober. The background? Ecoline liquid watercolors.

Inktober prompt for day 25 was tasty. Hmmmm. It reminded me of Sandra Strait’s pattern she named mac & cheese. I included it in the fantasy section of the Tangle All Around the World book. My kids both ate a lot of mac & cheese when they were little. At some point, Kali started adding a small can of English peas into the mac & cheese when she made it. So after I tangled up a bunch of mac & cheese, I added a bunch of English peas for Kali. The background is Lindy’s Magicals – have you figured out yet I love them? The peas were colored with cheap Cracker Barrel colored pencils.

The day 26 prompt was dark. I chose Your Call as a good tangle to go with the theme of the day. And I worked on a black tile that I cut from a page of the Black Book from Hahnemühle. I tangled with a white gelly roll pen and shaded with a white charcoal pencil.

Day 27. The inktober prompt was coat. The tangle pattern was golden. Yeah. I got nothing so I just tangled up a bunch of grid patterns. That is golden right down through the middle. I also used chunky monkey, box kite, printemps and black tie. The color? Lindy’s Shakers.

The 2019 Inktober is almost over. As much as I enjoy participating, it slows down how much other types of art I can complete. I am currently working on some projects for Zebra Pen and Miya Arts. And I am always doing something for Hahnemühle. If you are looking for a tangle place to hang out and advance your skills, and meet some really awesomely nice tanglers – come on over to Facebook Tangle All Around and ask to join. You will need to answer a couple easy peasy questions that are designed to let me know you are a person and not a machine trying to hack and mess with our wonderful group. Answer the questions and I will let you in. Hope to see you there!

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4 thoughts on “Inktober, Days 21 – 27

  1. I love what you’ve been doing for Inktober! I started my daily drawings in September, as soon as I knew what the prompts were, so I’m done except for the posting. It’s fun, but the done is funner, lol!

  2. My favourite of these is that Day 26 Dark tile – & the irony of seeing your Dizzy tile when flat on my back in bed with vertigo made me laugh. Not long-lasting thankfully.

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