Inktober Collage Time


Inktober, 2019. It was a challenge to draw each day. But I did it. And I actually drew two pieces of art each day. One tile with the daily prompts, and I also tangled on the piece you see in the center. The tiles I used are from Hahnemühle and they are 3.5″ square. The… Continue Reading

Inktober Finals, 2019


Welcome to the last day of Inktober, 2019! Yayayayay!!!!! I made it all the way through. Yes, it is a challenge to push myself each day to do some tangling just for me. Accomplishment feels really nice! And I am equally as happy that it is over for a year. Now to just keep drawing… Continue Reading

An Opus to Inktober


o·pus/ˈōpəsnoun a separate composition or set of compositions by a particular composer Hahahaha! So not music, but here we go. At the beginning of the month a friend asked how I was going to approach Inktober. That’s the program where you ‘ink’ something each day during the month of October. I had already prepped 31… Continue Reading

Inktober, Days 21 – 27


Inktober is quickly coming to a close. It has been hard this year making myself complete each day. But so worth it as I can finally see an end in sight. Each of these tiles were created on a Tile from Hahnemühle using technical pens from Zebra Pen. This was my day 21 piece…. Continue Reading

My Leda Sketchbooks


Leda Art Supply has some excellent sketchbooks. I love using mine for art journaling, collage work and tangling. As an ambassador for Leda, Creative Director Gary Gillespie sent me a couple sketchbooks to get me started. And I’ve since purchased 5 or 6 others for personal use and for giveaways. Today I want to show… Continue Reading

Dream and Believe


I am working today in my medium Leda sketchbook. I find that this book can handle most anything I throw at it. Especially if I prep the pages before I go all crazy with wet media and collage. I am an ambassador with Leda Art Supply and I love their books for various applications but… Continue Reading

Let’s Make An Easy Flower


Quick little post today. I have something much bigger I am working on for possibly tomorrow. While working on tomorrow’s art, I needed a small ink pad. Opening my ink drawer I saw these little petal shaped ink pads I had forgotten all about. And I got a fun idea! And I am going to… Continue Reading

Lindy’s Magical Shakers


I’m still playing with my Lindy’s Gang supplies and loving them! I know I need to try other things but these are so beautiful and well . . . magical! Hahaha! I shot this picture so you could see the names of the colors but they totally aren’t in this photo! Sorry! But I did… Continue Reading

Die Cuts and Marabu Art Crayons


Marabu Art Crayons. Marabu has a lot of art supplies on the market but these art crayons may just be one of the most fun! A wax based, highly pigmented, water soluble pastel – they come in a wide range of 25 different colors. I got mine from a couple places. I used to subscribe… Continue Reading



In May, 2012, I was sitting in a hotel room in Maryland tangling. I was so new at it, just getting my feet wet. As I sat drawing a scripture page in my journal this pattern just came about. My very first one. Eventually I named it crete. Fairly easy to put together, crete works… Continue Reading