Lindy’s Magicals, Day Two


I want to show you another technique using Lindy’s Magicals. Yesterday we walked our way through touching a fan brush into the powders and tapping some color onto a wet tile. Well, hold onto that fan brush because we will use it again today.

I began with my craft mat, theses two pots of color, a fan brush and a water spritzer.

I showed you yesterday how to use the tip side of the fan brush to pick up a small amount of powder.

I tapped out a little of both colors directly onto my craft mat. Yesterday we put the powder on the tile, today we are working directly on the mat.

I spritzed all that pretty color and look what I got! That yellow powder turns to green when it is wet. You never know! That is why that color chart I showed you yesterday is so important.

Then I placed a tile face down into all that wet beautiful color and lifted.

Isn’t it pretty? I moved it aside to dry. Let me show you how it turned out!

Yeah, that color really lightened. I still love it, though!

That worked great, so I moved on to another tile and these colors!

I used the tip of the fan brush to pick up a small amount of color from one pot and tapped it onto the craft mat by tapping the brush against a finger on my other hand. I repeated this with the second color. No water was used up to this point.

I took my water spray bottle and spritzed water straight onto the color. Look at those beautiful beads of color!

All the tiles I am using are Tiles from Hahnemühle. Getting ready for Inktober. I placed one face down into the color on the mat. When I turned it over this is what I had. Really pretty and I was happy with it. This tile went onto my drying rack and I moved on.

I still had this much color on my mat and you know my feelings about that. We don’t waste product so I grabbed another tile . . .

. . . actually I didn’t have enough color so I added another tap of both.

And sprayed more water into the color. Love that teal and the variations of the purple/pink.

When I placed the first tile face down – color squished out on the right side so I placed a second tile down. Tapped both down all over and lifted.

This is the first tile. I love the intensity of the color.

And this was the second tile. I moved both to the drying rack remembering that the tiles from yesterday lightened up in color as they dried.

Yes. It totally lightened in color but look at those strands of shimmer. I love it!

And here is the second tile I placed down with the one before this. Lightened up but still beautiful!

This technique was similar but a little different from yesterday’s. And these Magicals are still lightening up as they dry. I need to add more powder I guess. Or just accept that they lighten up. Hahaha! They are still really beautiful! I have two more techniques to show you before I get finished with these pots of powder. And I actually ordered a few more colors. Of course. Hahahahaha! Till tomorrow <3 Tiles and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links
Lindy’s Magicals
Craft mat
Fan brush

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6 thoughts on “Lindy’s Magicals, Day Two

  1. Beautiful results. But, before you start using more powder – try a test on another paper – because there is no lightening in my case. It’s super intense colour – in fact I need to work to get it lighter! I think the Hahnemuhle tiles significantly lighten any colour you put on them. But we can’t hold that against them really – they never claimed to be intended for wet colour! Perhaps you could try the Magicals on the bamboo paper, because that keeps colour really vivid!

    • yes, I should have more colors arriving later today and that is the plan. later this week you will see a project I did on their harmony hot pressed paper and it is wonderful!

  2. This is a terrific technique & I really like the variation you get with those colours splitting into others – bit like the first generation of Distress Ink Pads. The soft pastel colours that result once the tile is dried look like they’ll be very interesting for people who like to shade tangles with coloured pencils. Another example of the value of playing.

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