Brea Reese and Piñata Alcohol Inks


The colors are wonderful! Bright and bold, yet they can also be subtle and soft. Whatever you need them to be – these alcohol inks fit the bill.

This piece began with Rose and Lavender Brea Reese alcohol ink drops – two each – into some isopropyl alcohol on my 5″ x 7 ” piece of Yupo paper. That word ‘paper’ is misleading as yupo is actually a type of plastic paper. Non-porous which is what you need with any type of alcohol ink.

As in the posts shown here and here, I used Tim’s Distress Marker Spritzer Tool to push the color and alcohol around my paper. It has a rubber bulb that you squeeze making the air come out. Easy peasy.

And it really is as easy as pushing color with air, and pushing until you get gorgeous results. Where those colors engage each other you will get some new colors. I can also see that I added a line of alcohol along the bottom of this piece to give more movement.

And when it got to something I liked – I sat it aside to dry.

For this piece I used medium magenta and cadmium yellow from Brea Reese. Couple drops each into some alcohol. A lot more this time than I was using before.

I huffed and I puffed . . . actually I used Tim’s air tool to start pushing color. This time I grabbed my bottle of Rainbow in the Marabu Alcohol Ink line and added a few drops. Those open spaces in the pink and yellow – that’s where I added the rainbow. Didn’t seem to do much that I liked, so I went back to blowing air.

I loved this piece at this point. I can just see a shimmer of sparkle from the rainbow and I really like the colors.

But I wanted that rainbow to do something wonderful – so I added another drop and went back to the air tool. Hahahaha! I’ll show you at the end of the post how it turned out.

With this new piece of Yupo I added alcohol, cadmium red and cadmium yellow from Brea Reese.

And air.

You already know I am not a big fan of red and I definitely felt like I had too much red, so I added a line of alcohol. See that worm like shape? That’s the alcohol. And color knowledge – red and yellow make orange. 🙂 I pushed this all around with air till I liked it and I’ll show you that at the end, too. Cause I’m mean like that and make you wait. Hehehehehe.

Alcohol and one drop each of cadmium yellow and lake blue from Brea Reese. I almost missed the Yupo with the blue drop.

I did not need to add any more alcohol. What I had was the perfect amount. Tim’s air tool pushed that color into each other and made beautiful. I was very happy.

I have several brands of alcohol inks. I remember when Tim first came out with alcohol inks years ago – he was the only game in town. Not true today. And truthfully I like some of the other brands better than his and this photo shows you why. For this piece of Yupo I changed over to the Piñata Alcohol Inks – pink and Baja blue. Such rich beautiful colors.

I was a little concerned to begin with because the Baja blue was so dark, but pushing it with air into the alcohol helped dilute and lighten it.

This is a little better angle. You can actually see the movement and ripples the air makes in the color and the way it pushed the color around. Yes, I do need to make a video but my studio is in another stage of rearranging and it isn’t possible right now.

Can you just say gorgeous? I can! Gorgeous! You can also see here why I use a craft mat under my work. I blew some of that color right off the Yupo. Not cool if that got onto your nice countertop.

Piñata again, this time Coral and Blue-Violet. Usually this would make mud. So not a fan of mud and I didn’t really know what would happen here. I just know with watercolor these two don’t play well together and I had not tried these two colors yet.

Hahaha! I forgot to take any photos of that one in progress. Here is my drying system – elaborate as it may be. It works great! These are the nine pieces I made that day in the space of about 30 minutes total.

I didn’t take any photos of this one at all. The colors are Piñata sunbright yellow and lime green. So beautiful! Here are the rest that I did show you in this post.

Brea Reese and Piñata Alcohol Inks. All beautiful, all easy to use, all yield great results. Now to find time to tangle on some of them. Thanks for following the journey. Here are some links, in case you want to try.

Brea Reese Alcohol Ink
Piñata Alcohol Ink
Non-stick Craft Mat
Tim Holtz’ Distress Marker Spritzer Tool
Yupo paper of various sizes

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6 thoughts on “Brea Reese and Piñata Alcohol Inks

  1. OK – & this one didn’t notify either. Can see you’re having lots of fun with that air blower gadget. Have never seen yupo paper to my knowledge, shall keep an eye out next time I’m near a specialist art supplies shop. The nearest I have to alcohol inks are ProMarkers & Copics. Looking forward to playing again with those when I get a chance. Will be fun seeing how you tangle these.

    • those will definitely work on Yupo and do the same kind of things I’m doing with the inks. any alcohol based marker will. are ProMarkers alcohol based? I’m not sure without looking. yes, my web man was going to fix this – it’s something new my mail service told us was coming. I’ve also contacted the mail app people to try to get them to help me.

  2. These are beautiful…… thanks for the links to buy more stuff….just what I needed! Hahaha!

  3. I must admit, I find faces and figures in those blobs you start with. Like the yellow poodle looking at the red dragon. I see a baby’s face from the side, a woman with a big hat and a blank face just waiting to be drawn in. Maybe I’m tired, but that is what I see.

    • hahaha! that’s awesome! I never notice things like that. I need to pull these out the drawer and look at them again <3

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