Taking Back the Studio, Part 2


It’s time for step two in Taking Back the Studio! To recap, I have a ton of stencils I have never used and I vowed to work with them one at a time until I have used every single one of them at least once. I drug them all out of everywhere I had them stashed and put them in one cardboard box. Now I am pulling them out one stencil at a time and using them. This is the second stencil so I have a looooong way to go because I found 366 stencils total! Wow!!! But – in my defense – I have been buying stencils for around 20 years. Hahahahaha! Let’s get started!

I began with these basic supplies – some Bamboo Mixed Media tiles from Hahnemühle, a stencil that I have no idea where it came from and two bottles of Dylusions Ink Spray. And a spray bottle of water.

Most of the time when I use these inks I begin by spraying water on my paper. People ask how much water I use – about this much. Hahaha! These Bamboo tiles are roughly 3″ x 4″ and I just hit it with a couple blasts of water. You can see the whole paper isn’t even covered.

I began with the Rose Quartz and sprayed a couple times onto the paper and all over my craft sheet. It wipes right off. And usually I use another piece of paper to do that – so I can use that product.

This is what I had after the color dried. And I did use a heat tool to speed up that process because . . . impatient!

I used some painter’s tape to anchor the stencil to my work surface. I didn’t want it to move when I added more color. I chose this particular stencil because Aurora found her way into the cardboard box and was busily trying to hide this stencil with her ribbons. In my hand is the bottle of Lemon Zest.

I sprayed that lemon zest all over the paper and let it sit for 15 seconds or so. I wanted it to react with the rose quartz a little before I stopped the action . . .

. . . by blotting the excess with a towel.

Isn’t it pretty?

Well, that was so much fun I used the same two colors and made another piece. Mostly using the lemon zest this time and just a little of the rose quartz because apparently it goes a looooong way!

Once it was dry, I placed it under the same stencil and used some white linen to spray all over the top. I didn’t tape down my stencil this time and I wondered if I would have a problem with the stencil moving. I did not. I think I hit is so hard with that white ink it was afraid to go anywhere. Hahahaha!

I really like this one, too! Normally I use white linen when something is too dark. That was not the case here, so I didn’t really know how it would turn out. I like the softness and the subtleness of the white.

OK, remember this one? I liked it better. Hahaha! See all those little sections created by the stencil? Think color blocking gone crazy!

Those are the perfect places to add a bunch of tangles. Because this paper is smallish in size (3″ x 4″) those spaces are tiny and tight. I kept to a few patterns to allow the piece to maintain some cohesion. And I used a couple different Technical Pens from Zebra Pen for the drawing.

And shaded some of the areas. Then I totally got back to work on the book because I am almost done with it!!! Almost ready to submit it to the publisher for the first of what I am sure will be several times! Yayayayay!!!!!

Bamboo Mixed Media and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links
Technical Pens from Zebra Pen
Dylusions Ink Spray

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18 thoughts on “Taking Back the Studio, Part 2

  1. That is beautiful Alice. Now I have to think where did I put the few stencils I had. You amaze me ♥

    • why thank you 🙂 I am determined to use all these stencils in one way or another 🙂

      • I have a load of stencils to wade through and make art with . hahaha! it’s going to be a challenge

  2. Love this! The color combo, the stencil and the finished piece❣️Very pretty!
    I know you must be happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, albeit perhaps a bit dim. ? good luck with as few edits as possible! Woohoo! ?

  3. I love your “stuff”, so much pretty color. We seem to like the same idea there. Please let me know what is your etsy store address. Am very interested in your Tangle books. Thank you so much.

  4. You have the touch when it comes to stencils! These both came out beautifully. I can’t wait to see what you do with the White Linen one!

    • me, too! hahaha! my brain is already rushing ahead to other projects. I will have to come back and visit this one

  5. Oh – so pretty – not exactly my comfort colours, but I love the jagged shapes that stencil left you with, perfect for tangling. I think I can see more stencils in my future – not quite as many as you perhaps – but a few more at least!

    • thanks, I have no idea where to go next but it will most likely be with a stencil. hahaha!

  6. Super how you used the stencil to create the strings for tangling. This is a super example of how powerful the shading can be. Aurora choosing stencils? What next?

    • hahahaha! it won’t be stencils, I closed that box up tight. hahahaha! silly kitty! <3

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