Save Those Old Gift Cards


Why? Hahaha! Well someone could always gift you with more money on that card – you never know. Right? But mostly save those old cards because you can put them to use in your art making!

Check out the top drawer of my desk. This is where I work each day and this drawer is to the right when I stand at my desk. Look at the lower left corner of the drawer at all those old cards. Old room key cards from hotels all over the country, old gift cards, old credit cards. I saved them for a long time and I have a pile of them now. (This isn’t even all of them!) And today I am going to show you one way you can use them.

I had a few minutes free while I waited for ‘the book’ to export and thought I’d put it to use making color. Cause you know me – that’s what I like! I pulled out these bottles of neon colors – fifty cents apiece at Walmart, an old room key card from the House of Mouse, and I grabbed one of my Dylusions Creative Journals.

I squeezed a drop of two different colors straight onto my work page. Then I used the side of the key card to scrape the color across the page. Here, let me show you . . .

. . . different project made at the same time – same key card. Just use the side to scrape the color – it works best for me if I pull the card towards me.

Back to my Dylusions book. Two colors – that’s all I used – the neon yellow and neon pink. And I just scraped till I liked the results. Super easy to make a color background this way!

Here it is all smoothed out. I tried to smooth any edges because I intend to tangle on this with a 01 Technical Pen from Zebra.

I liked the color range I got with the first page and wondered if that would change if I actually added the neon orange to the mix. So that’s what I did on the left hand page. Yellow, pink and orange. And scraped.

Up and down and side to side, loving the color, working those lines trying to smooth them down.

And this is how it turned out once it dried. Using this scraping technique actually speeds up the drying process because the paint is in a thin layer. Not thick like it could be if I had used a paint brush. Remember – on the right I used two colors – pink and yellow. On the left I added orange and it really made a difference. I was able to retain more of the pink color, with some highlights of orange and dabs of yellow. Fun! Now to tangle!

I hope to have some news for you very soon. Perhaps even before this post goes live. Hahaha! And that means you will read this post later than tomorrow. How is that for confusing???

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14 thoughts on “Save Those Old Gift Cards

  1. I think I need some sun glasses – these babies are bright!

    Are your pens happy working over even thin acrylic? I’ve worked on acyrlic swaps people have sent me and my microns tend to clog up. And what about shading? would you use graphite to shade over these?

    • I would use graphite. don’t be afraid to. or you could shade with colored pencils or even watercolor. my microns don’t work well either. my Zebra technical pens do and I use a larger nib size. that seems to help also

      • Good advice. I need to experiment – see what works.

        I’ve got a few Zebra pens but rarely reach for them as they feel so thin in the hand. But I hear great things about how robust they are. I need to give them a fighting chance!

  2. I’ve a collection of those cards too – for whenever I might need them. Hope Aurora stayed out of the way for this project or she’ll be glowing all over the house. Thanks for another tutorial & hope all exported OK.

  3. Simple and fun process! Now I have a reason to tell my hubby why I save those cards! ?
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow….all of the really cool ideas you come up with!
    And the BOOK…….can’t wait!

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