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Ok, so I just have to brag a bit. Ok, well maybe a lot. And say thank you, thank you, thank you to every single one of you who has already purchased Tangle All Around the World. This is what we accomplished overnight . . .

. . . #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Release list!!!! Yayayayay!!!!! #1 in all three categories: drawing, pen & ink and coloring books for adults! I am hearing from people in Canada and the United Kingdom that they are getting sold out notices when they try to order. That may just mean it isn’t available yet in your specific country. If you get that prompt, give it a day and try again. It should never be totally sold out. They print the book the same day you order it and ship it out. And it is available on every Amazon website. And soon in Books-a-Million, Barnes & Nobles and Book Depository. Thanks again to all of you that made this incredible dream come true!!! And thank you to all fifty artists who allowed me to include their awesome patterns! You guys are the best!!! And sorry about the quality of this photo – I promise your book cover will look much better than what Amazon is showing!

I also want to say thank you to Carol Boss, Marketing Services Manager with Hahnemühle Fine Art. Hahnemühle provided all the paper I used to draw each individual step and many of the art pieces for the 453 patterns in Tangle All Around the World. I am talking about almost 2,400 individual steps. That is a whole lot of tiny 2 inch squares of paper. Thank you, Carol! Thank you, Hahnemühle! Thank you for believing in my art and for believing in my people! Words are not enough!

Tangle All Around the World can be purchased here

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26 thoughts on “#1 Hot New Release

  1. ???You did it❣️Twas a long journey thank you for your hard work and determination! And thank you to your sponsors and all who contributed to help make it happen!
    Hugs and best wishes always!

    • yes, I am so thankful for Carol and Hahnemühle. I can’t even tell you what their support means to me. and phillis – your daughter is being published in this book for her very first time!!! that is so epic!!!

    • hahaha! I love you, Jennifer! you are a dear friend and your words mean so much to me!!! <3

  2. Congratulations! Even as just a watcher/rooter this has been fun to witness and be a part of.

    • hahaha! it’s been a long nine months and you all were patient and waited and I appreciate that so much! <3

  3. Alice!!! Your success is a result of your passion, dedication, and hard work. We are blessed to be part of your community of fans and followers!! Really excited to see this new release!!! HUGS!

    • tears coming on now. love you, Karen, thank you for being there from day 1! you are a true friend and I appreciate you so much <3

    • yayayay!!! thank you so much!!! mine is supposed to get here Monday, too. we will have to
      compare notes <3

    • and you already have it now and have posted videos for people to see. you got the very first copy!!! I don’t even have one yet. <3

  4. My copy comes today or tomorrow! I ordered as soon as I could. Looking forward to it.

    • thank you so much! you have been so supportive of my art and my group – you are so appreciated! <3

  5. I know you’ve been working very hard on this & it’s consumed much of your time yet you’ve still admired the group & kept your blog interesting. Quite a feat indeed. Very very well done. Congratulations.

    • thank you – it was a lot of work and took a long time but I am enjoying the rewards now hearing from people who are seeing their patterns in print for the very first time. <3

  6. I got my new book a couple of days ago and it’s perfect! I just wanted patterns and I got them. What a great idea to Tangle All Around The World, thanks!!

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