Alcohol Ink Blast From the Past


Check out that beautiful alcohol ink in the preview image. Isn’t it glorious? You already know I love my alcohol inks and I’m going to show you why.

I am knee deep – or chin deep – in setting up a new book chuck full of tangle patterns. I am in full on putting it together mode and don’t want to stop to make art. But I did come across this set of photos that I never posted. At least I don’t think I ever posted them. If I did, please pretend like you didn’t see them. Hahahaha! Not long ago Ranger came out with some new colors. And of course I ordered one of each. Valencia, Limeade, Amethyst, Flamingo, Patina and Turquoise. Yum!

I took out a 5″ x 7″ sheet of Yupo paper and just dropped some dots of ink to see what the colors looked like. Then I realized that was silly – I didn’t want to waste any Yupo so I needed to make a piece of art with it. Which color is your favorite? Mine is the flamingo.

I grabbed a blending tool and dropped on a few dots of some of the colors. Loaded that baby up, so to speak.

And just started dotting color all over the paper. Right on top of those colors I had already put down. It’s all good.

I even dripped some ink in a few places. Then I thought – maybe I messed this up beyond fixing? It looks like a lot of garbled ink?

Nah. I always taught my kids that usually nothing was so broken that it couldn’t be fixed. You just have to look for a way. And my way here was to bring in some blending solution. Isopropyl alcohol would do the same thing.

And I literally made loops up and down across the whole thing. Why not? I just went for it and let the blending solution move a little.

Then before I threw the whole thing in the trash – I placed a paper towel over the top and blotted. Didn’t move it around. Just down, blot, lift. Want to see what I got?

Beautiful color, that’s what I got. And I bought a 5″ x 7″ white frame and I have this piece hanging in my studio. I love it! Now back to the book.

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10 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink Blast From the Past

  1. This past year I discovered alcohol ink on ceramic tiles, for coasters or just art. You can seal it after dry but I haven’t tried to tangle on it then seal it, might be worth a try!

    • I’ve wanted to try that for a long time. wonder where I would get ceramic tiles in northern Maine? where did you get yours?

    • so much fun! I can’t draw like you do but I can do other things – like make color – and I’m learning to be ok with that <3

  2. Take care of your head whilst working on the book things. I can see you had fun with this piece of artwork – even before you got to the adding blending solution I was thinking the same……… perfect answer. And I don’t even work with alchohol inks – see how much I’ve learnt by just reading your blog…………..

    • hahaha! you know me so well! headache √ hurts today, I did too much yesterday.
      and – ink and blending solution – perfect answer for what I was doing – and you already knew that πŸ™‚

  3. Recently, I tried using alcohol ink on picture glass and ceramic tiles with a twist. You begin by flooding the tile with 91% Isoprophyl Alcohol and then dropping your color on and moving it around by tipping the tile or by using canned air. Once that is done, you use a long neck lighter and set it on fire. It is amazing as you watch the colors move. Hint: Do it outside!!! You can find full instruction on Pinterest!

    • sounds fun and definitely an outdoor project πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing

    • yes, working hard on this book. haha! I do love these colors, though πŸ™‚

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