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Zebra Pen is rockin’ the art scene when it comes to beautiful color! Really? Yes, really! Two of their newer products are made primarily for letter artists. But – have you seen my handwriting lately? I used to have nice writing, nice lettering, until I spent 27 years writing as fast as I could to keep up in interviews. Thankfully there are other ways to use these awesome brush pens and I’m going to show you a couple today.

As an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen I have the opportunity to sample and try the very same products we can all purchase and use. Put them through their paces, so to speak. The Funwari Fude Color Brush Pens are new to the Zebra line.

They come six to a pack. My eyes were instantly drawn to the water based dye ink description. Specifically the water based part. To me that should read 6 vibrant watercolor ink colors, hahahaha! Because that is totally where my brain went.

I began my first project with a cold pressed watercolor postcard from Hahnemühle, these two shades of the Funwari Fude pens and a spray bottle of water. If you follow my posts you already know where I’m going here. Hahaha! And you probably guessed I would start with these two particular colors.

To get started I scribbled both colors onto my craft mat and spritzed it with water. The pink didn’t make as much pink as I wanted but that was ok. The blue totally made up for it and besides – I could add more if I wanted. And just look at the variation in the colors of blue!

I opted to bring in the purple Funwari pen and followed the same process off to the side on my mat.

Then I took my postcard and placed it face down into the purple ink and lifted it to achieve this effect. Holding the card at an angle allowed some runs and drips which pushed the color into other areas.

Then I tapped the postcard down into the original pink and blue I put on the mat to begin with. I know you don’t see much of the blue in this photo, but it is there.

I wiped off my mat and put down a little more purple and a little more blue, wet it and did another lift. Now I had the colors I liked so I sat it to the side to dry. I really like those little dots of blue along the right-hand edge towards the bottom. Let me show you how this dried.

As this postcard dried the blue rose to the top more, pushing that purple down and blending it with the pink. I really love the crisp lines along the edges where the color stopped pushing and dried. A really stunning card that I will add tangles to – probably florals on this one.

Zebra also came out with a seven piece set of Metallic Brush Pens that are water resistant. I wasn’t entirely sure what the water resistant meant, so I thought I’d put these to the test as well.

I began with these four colors and my Hahnemühle postcard tin.

I scribbled plenty of color on my craft mat using two of the pens, and sprayed water on top.

Then placed the postcard face down into the color and lifted.

You can see that the color is thicker and didn’t spread as much as some of the colors I do this technique with. And that is ok but I still had a good bit of white space. I wanted to add color but I did not want to lose those two speckled areas towards the bottom of this photo.

I still had color on my mat and I’ve mentioned in the past – don’t waste product. The color on my mat was still usable, so I turned the card and picked up color in the white areas. Just tapping down and lifting. And I avoided the speckled areas I loved so much so they wouldn’t get ruined.

I really liked where this was going so I sat it aside to dry.

I had no idea what to expect. You notice in the photo before this one the color was still wet. And darker. As the color dried, the color lightened. And that is totally normal and to be expected. I could go back in and add more color if I wanted this darker but I like it as is. I want to be able to tangle an underwater world on this one. So light is perfect. But I still had product on my craft mat because . . . you know . . . heavy-handed on the water sprayer here. Hahahaha!

I added a little more color and a little more water and . . .

. . . tapped down one end of a postcard, then turned it around and tapped the other end down into color. Turning the postcard and allowing the color to run down into drips and runs make for some interesting texture and design.

I tapped it back down into some of that color still on the mat and made more runs. Then just let the card dry.

It is really unpredictable how the colors are going to react as they dry. I used more of the magenta brush pen on this card, so I got more of that in the end. I found it interesing that the blue dried almost to a grey. I’m guessing that was due to a reaction with the magenta.

Both sets of brush pens – meant primarily for the letter artist – worked very well with my watercolor techniques. Now I can go in and add drawing with any of the Zebra fountain pens or Technical Drawing Pens and have three wonderful pieces of art that I can share. Or keep. Hahaha! I’m hoping to turn one whole tin of post cards into a Treasured Bits of Tangles book before I’m finished. But that will be a whole other post. For now – interested in these new brush pens from Zebra Pen? I will give you a couple purchase links right below this. Thank you for reading along – I really hope you will be inspired to try these projects for yourself.

Funwari Fude Brush Pens from Zebra Pen
Metallic Brush Pens from Zebra Pen
Watercolor Postcards and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links

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11 thoughts on “Zebra Metallic and Funwari Fude Brush Pens

  1. I love your method of creating colored backgrounds! And that you use so many different products in doing so! Very interesting that the water “resistant” pens gave you such pretty color. Odd, though, that the blue turned gray …

    • I found that odd, too. it has to be the way it reacted with the magenta. I didn’t actually notice it until I uploaded these photos and looked at them side by side.

  2. Your experiments always turn out so pretty❣️Can’t wait to see your underwater scene!

    • hahaha! not always – I don’t show you everything. Hahahahaha! but these pens all worked like a champ!

  3. Bravo for your spirit of experimentation. The results from those metallic pens are especially wonderful. It just goes to show that we don’t always need to buy new products, but just see what new results we can get from the ones we already have!

  4. Thank you Alice, this was most enjoyable reading through all this. I love how the pieces turned out and am so looking forward to sharing this piece with my son. ♥

  5. Interesting to see the metallic pens reacting with the water – you never know until you try do you?? Thank you for trying so many different things so people can make informed choices about purchases.

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