Week 12 is Now Complete


I know I just posted week 11 two days ago, I am that far behind in catching up. Hahahahaha! But, as of today I am officially up to date with The 100 Day Project. Until tomorrow. Hahahahahaha!

Each day this year (most days anyway) I am using a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle and Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen. This week every tile and drawing was done with those two tools. And they work so wonderfully well together! Day 78 incorporates the tangles curlz2 with gooberz! Such fun patterns to draw!

For day 79 I removed a tile from my Treasured Bits of Tangles book from this post and tangled up a bunch of dayz eaze. That color? Ken Oliver’s Color Burst Powders. Not as effective as Brusho Color Crystals but still pretty amazing.

For day 80 I opted for ease. Hahahaha! Too much on my plate so I went with easy to tangle. Kuke is a really fun pattern and it goes down sweet every time.

Here is another page from my Treasured Bits of Tangles Hahnemühle book. Cee-a-mosa and printemps. The color in this piece is Brea Reese Liquid Watercolor inks. And important note here *** I just found out she also does acrylics. I probably didn’t need to know that. Hahahahaha!

Day 82 has color derived from Ecoline Brush Pens used as a watercolor. I love this particular technique! Here I tangled some wings, kuke and stack.

The color for day 83 was made with Kelly Creates Aqua Brushes used as a watercolor. Also from my Treasured Bits of Tangles book. For patterns I used 4 stroke, ringz and printemps.

And that brings us to day 84. The end of week 12. Just 16 more days in the project. Hallelujah! Hahahahaha! Basic straight up black and white Zentangle style tile. All my own patterns – hached, patch and Crete.

These tiles and pens are perfect for tangling. In case you didn’t already know – the tiles are 3.5″ square. That means each of these drawings are just 3.5″ square. Small size art that can be done in a short amount of time. And the pens come in a variety of nib sizes so there is a pen perfect for your need. A great combination – Hahnemühle and Zebra Pen!

YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle product with purchase links
Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen
The 100 Day Project

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10 thoughts on “Week 12 is Now Complete

    • thanks, phillis, thank you for commenting and letting me know someone is out there 🙂

  1. The contrast between white Printemps & black Cee-a-mosa is lovely & I rather like that final tile of yours too. Your Hached always looks so striking & it’s super how it adds weight to this whole piece & echoes Crete at the same time.

    • I’m finding I easy like the black and white tangling. I had gotten so far away from it. expect I won’t stay, though. hahahaha!

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