Week 11 is Done √


I am closing in on the end of The 100 Day Project. Next year when my group Tangle All Around starts asking about this project, remind me that I do not want to do this again. I will support them and cheer them on, but I need to keep doing my regular routine. I am missing too many things that need to be done. As much as I am enjoying the project, I will be thrilled when it is over. Please remind me that it is ok to feel this way. Because it is. With that said – let’s start with day 71.

Built in the Procreate app on my iPad. I never remember about shading until I post here and I see it hasn’t been done. Then I’m like . . . well it’s too late now! Hahahahaha! Patterns include betweed and copada.

You’ve seen this background before. In fact, you may have seen it right here on this very page before. It is one of my alcohol ink backgrounds and it rotates through the toppers for this website. It also makes up the cover for my book Tangle Starts Strings. I uploaded the artwork into the procreate app and tangled with my Apple Pencil. Stack is the primary pattern for day 72.

Day 73 is another iPad piece. The background was made with Brusho Color Crystals. Fun piece – I’m not really sure if there are specific patterns here or not. This could also be titled It’s 11:00 At Night, Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

I promised you more tiles this week and here we go. Days 74 – 77 are all tangled with Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen on a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle. My go-to killer-combo when it comes to easy and just-right tangling tools! Tangles? I’m thinking that abukas-looking one could look like Kilroy if we gave that big long nose some eyeballs. Hahahaha!

These tangles are just my cup of tea when I’m tired and don’t want to think about what I’m drawing. I made a big X on the tile and filled two sections with printemps like an hourglass and filled the sides with diva dance foxtrot. And that was day 75.

For day 76 I pulled out some new product from Zebra Pen with my YouTangle.art Tile. The Sarasa Clip Gel Retractable pens come in a set of 20 and I used as many of the colors as I could in tangling this 3.5″ piece of narwal. So much fun! And the pens worked great! You will be seeing more about these pens very soon.

Barquillos and floral are the patterns. The background is Kelly Creates Aqua Brush Pens used as a watercolor. Easy peasy! And week 11 is history! I have so many ideas of projects I want to work on as soon as these 100 days are done. I have a few in the works already and hope to be able to tell you more soon! So stay tuned!

YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle product with purchase links
Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen
Sarasa Clip Gel Retractable Pens from zebra Pen

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8 thoughts on “Week 11 is Done √

    • hahaha! I felt like I had to do it because my group was participating. next year I hope I remember it is ok for me not to do it when the group does.

  1. I’m reminding you that it’s ok to feel that the 100 day project is a challenge. I don’t know how you keep up with the blog, the give-always, the fb page, and tangling. How on earth do you keep up with daily routine. I couldn’t. I’m sad because I have committed to so much with my home obligations and my spiritual center that I haven’t had time to do any tangling. It feels as though my time management has gone far, far away. This week, after winning one of your giveaways, I relocated my pens, tiles, and sketch book onto the coffee table to attempt to make time to tangle. Thank you for all you do and if you don’t participate in the 100 day tangle next year, I know you will be a cheer leader for those that do. Blessings.

    • thank you so much, ro! that’s what I needed to hear <3 and as for your tangling, even 5 minutes a day is good. it will make you feel better about all your other things that need to be done. and yes, easy for me to say and harder to make it actually happen. but I try

  2. I can imagine you’ll be glad when these 100 days are over. And yes, this kind of challenge is NOT for EVERYONE, I think you need a certain kind of temperament (don’t know what kind though!!). Love that last one best.

    • yes, I will be glad when it’s done. it is taking up too much time from other things I need to do

  3. My favourites from this post are the two with the cross structure – the Printemps hourglass and the Barquillos one. Such a strong shape and impact on both really appeals to my tastes.

    You are more than allowed to feel a desire for this to be over – do you think people running a marathon hope someone might change the rules at the last minute and make it a bit longer! 😉

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