New Dyestress Ink Colors


New colors! That is always a fun thing! And when they are as fun to use as the ColorBox Dyestress ink pads that is even better! This past week I received six new colors in the mail!

Beautiful colors, too! I won’t repeat the names – you can see them in the photo. I paired them with some postcards from Hahnemühle – cold pressed watercolor ones. I brought out my craft mat, paper towels and a spray bottle of water and got to work.

I started with aster, princess and mint and just stamped them onto the craft mat. Then added a shot of water on each stamped area.

These watercolor postcards are super! I will be reviewing them within the next week hopefully. I placed the paper down into the stamped area and lifted. I was bit disappointed that the colors weren’t brighter.

And there was still a good bit of color on the mat, so I just kept lifting color. Put the paper down, lift the paper up and repeat.

I added more stamped color to the mat and eventually ended up with this. Which I like. A lot. All the layers created by repeatedly lifting from the mat just gives lots of great texture! And I was happy.

Encouraged by those results I moved on to a new postcard and the capri and inchworm ink pads.

This time I rubbed the ink pads onto the paper towel in circular motions. I didn’t worry about them overlapping because I know that these two colors play well together.

Then I sprayed water onto the blue and onto the green inks and sat it aside to dry. I knew that the colors would mix and move and blend and make some new colors even. And that it would be wonderful.

Here it is drying. I actually blotted a little of the wet away and created some lighter color areas. Then left it alone to finish drying. Honestly. I did this time. Hahahaha!

And here it is dry. I love those crisp ruffled edges of the blue along the lower left corner of the postcard. And even though I started with just two colors – look at all the variations I got by adding water and letting the colors do their thing. Isn’t it pretty??? Yayayayay!!!

For the last postcard, I used four colors – princess, capri, mint and tomato and just rubbed them onto the card in a stripe formation. Just rub the ink pad up and down. Easy peasy.

And lastly, I liberally coated the whole postcard with water. You can already see the colors moving with the water flowing from one section into the next.

And here it is once it finished drying. The capri/blue basically took over the surface. Hahahaha! And the poor princess all but got obliterated. I am thinking the princess needs to be a little stronger and develop some fighting skills! Hahahahahaha! I do love that mint section. It is just a really pretty color!

Dyestress ink pads from ColorBox. They worked great on the Hahnemühle cold pressed watercolor postcards. I love them every time I use them and these new colors did not disappoint. And fun fact. They don’t take up a lot of room for storage. That’s important in my small studio. They stack and fit very well into each other so they don’t fall over. I have mine stacked 8 deep without any concerns. I won’t tell you how many stacks I have. Hahahahahahah!

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10 thoughts on “New Dyestress Ink Colors

  1. I too love the mint one and my favourite tile from god lot just has to be the mint and blue one

    • it really is a pretty color and I was very happy with the way they performed 🙂

  2. These are lovely. I really like the way distress inks work so well wet or dry. That versatility really appeals to me.

    I’ll look forward to your review of the Hahnemuhle postcards. That’s one of their products that is readily available in the UK! Unlike the YouTangle tiles!

    • very good! I need to sit down and work that into my schedule. I have two more postcards I want to do something with first. that’s good to hear you can find them there

    • there are a few softer ones in this set. that’s different for me. hahahahaha!

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