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I love taking beautiful colored tiles and tangling on them. Typically I use the YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemühle and on this particular day I took a handful and added beautiful color.

I end up with something like this. But how does it begin? How do I achieve the wonderful color mix that I can then tangle on?

Or even this one? Whether I tangle the whole tile or just a portion, for me it is all about the color. Let me show you what I did to make both of these tiles.

I began with two or three bottles of Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks for each tile. For this particular tile, I dropped the color straight onto the dry tile. You will notice the watermelon color just sat there for the most part. The limeade and the lemonade sherbet spread after I dropped the color on. Then I sprayed a little water on the yellow section to make the color spread even more. I elected to leave those watermelon spots alone. Where the lower one met the more wet yellow color, it began to feather a small bit. I liked the results and sat it aside to dry.

Jut kidding, as it dried the yellow and watermelon interacted and I liked the effect so I added a small bit more water and sat it aside. Again. Let me show it to you dry.

You can see the color kept spreading. This particular brand of tile is more absorbent than . . . say the original Zentangle tiles. And when working with color – for me – this is a win/win situation all around. I love this color! Look at the limeade section and what it did! Isn’t that awesome?

For day 40 of The 100 Day Project I used this tile to add some loop screen tangles. You can see a step out and explanation for this pattern right here.

For this next Inkredible Ink tile I used the limeade and lemonade colors again and added some mermaid tail. I used the dropper to put color directly on my craft mat, then I sprayed the whole area with a bit of water. You’ll notice the water makes the puddles bigger, but it also adds some nice dotted textured areas as well . . .

. . . which you can see here. I turned the tile face down into the color and tapped it down with my fingertips. I loved this just as it was so I seriously didn’t do anything else. I just placed it onto my drying surface and waited. Well, I made more tiles but with other product. Hahahahaha!

And here is this tile after it dried. I love it! And it totally brought underwater imaging to mind.

Not your typical underwater patterns but who cares. Hahahaha! What works, works. For day 33, I tangled up some actinar and my swing and I love it so much! For both of these tiles I used Zensations Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen to create the tangles. Zebra and Hahnemühle is a pretty much unbeatable combination!

Another liquid watercolor I’ve been working with is Avery Elle. I do love these colors. Softer than the Inkredibles. You may be wondering why I have a bottle of green color in this photo. Actually the color is lemon grass and it looks more yellow than green. I also used cherry. Just two colors that I put on the craft mat and then turned the tile face down into. No water added. Just the Avery Elle.

And here it is dry. Not tangled yet, but there are 51 days left in this challenge. And I’m only a few days behind. Hahahahaha!

Here’s more of that cherry mixed with some aquamarine. I put the color directly onto the tile, then immediately spritzed some water onto it so the colors would move a bit.

This one lightened up a decent amount as it dried and I like it this way. Reminds me of cotton candy! Or bubblegum ice cream at Coldstone. Hahahaha!

And the last one I worked on with the Avery Elles. I used sugar plum – that really pretty purple color, a little fizz – that’s the orange, and that’s it. Seriously. I only used two colors on this tile. The purple starts at the top and works its way down. When I sprayed water on the purple, it pushed down and the color more or less separated into other colors. For lack of a better explanation. And splashed down on those two others areas where you see what looks like a green. Awesome sauce! I love the Avery Elles!

And here it is dry. I haven’t tangled these last three tiles yet but they are in the stack to be worked on. I like having several to pick from depending on my mood at the time. And when I have the time to actually sit down and draw. I’m working on a new book that is turning out to be a whole lot bigger project than I expected! I’ve already been workin on it for four months and don’t see an end in sight. But it will come and you will be among the first to know when it is released. And I know you will want it for yourself. At least I hope you will. Hahahahaha! Have a great day and a super week!

YouTangle.art Tiles and most things Hahnemühle with links for purchase
Zebra Pen, Zensations Technical Drawing Pens
Jane Davenport Inkredible Ink
Avery Elle Liquid Watercolor

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12 thoughts on “Watercolor Inks

  1. You must stop fueling my addiction to color LOL Nice work !

    • hahahahahahahaha! I think you and I are much alike when it comes to color

  2. Your experiments are always so lovely, with or without the tangles. Not sure which are the icing and which are the cake❣️

    Thanks for sharing your art and talent. You are one awesome lady.

    • love you, too, phillis, and thankful I can provide inspiration on a regular basis. <3

  3. Hi Alice what do you use for shading? Love your work. Regards

    • on these I used regular graphite pencil and a tortillon to smudge, sometimes on color I will use color pencils, but for the most part I still use graphite

  4. Beautiful tiles! I can’t wait until I have time to play with these tiles. This summer is busy with my honey do list, but in the fall I will play! Thank You so much for these emails! I enjoy them tremendously!

    • you’re welcome, I’m glad I can provide inspiration along the way. and I’d love to see what you do 🙂

  5. Ha – I scrolled through the entire post to pick my favourite tile, hmmmm, didn’t happen for all have their plus points so I’ll just pick that last one since it’s so unusual – reminds me of the way Distress Inks separate with water. Thanks for all this detail, I know it takes discipline to note down & photograph the steps as you go.

    • it’s fun for me and I learn a lot doing this. I’m just thankful I can share along the way <3

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