Skarab, a New Tangle


Sometimes a new pattern just falls into our laps. Recently I was playing around with a new product called Opal Polish and one of the tiles I made was this one:

I love the shimmery, beautiful yummy color and I right away wanted to draw on it. But what to draw? Those shapes which came from a stencil were the perfect areas to trace. When I completed the tile for The 100 Day Project, I had people asking me for a step out and name for what I had drawn. And that is when skarab came around.

Skarab is literally built using C shapes. If you can write the letter C – you can tangle up a bunch of skarab. In that bottom block, I showed several different ways you could finish the individual skarab blocks. You are only limited by what you can imagine.

And this is the block I originally drew. I did not include the tear drops in the step out, but you could certainly use them. Many patterns come about as easily as this one did. Sometimes we just don’t realize it until someone else – or a whole bunch of someone elses – point it out. Have fun!

You can see more of my original patterns right here.

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10 thoughts on “Skarab, a New Tangle

  1. Don’t you love it when something just happens like that! How fun for you and a really neat pattern!
    Have a beautiful evening,

  2. This is one of those really fun tangles that can morph into all kinds of different scenarios – your sample tile the bottom of the step out is wonderful with those little bits of Fescu escaping at the side & the ears of wheat tangle beneath (has that a name?)

    • yes, that’s a messed up version of zinger. I started drawing them this way and they are more comfortable for my hand.

      • Ah – I think that warrants a step out all to itself, plus a name.

        • hahaha! maybe one day before long. right now this book is taking alllllll my time. I had no idea it would turn into this large of a project. then on to the Christian planner. I promise.

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