One Last Brea Reese Alcohol Ink Technique


Lately I’ve been working with the Brea Reese alcohol inks – using them in a variety of ways – and today I want to show you one last thing I did with them.

I was working on small pieces of Yupo paper I received in a sample pack. ATC sized so they were small. I began by spraying the tile with Blending Solution which is 77% ethyl alcohol. I know you can change the appearance of the inks by applying this spray after the fact. I wondered if it made a difference if I sprayed the solution first – then added the color.

I added a couple drops of the cadmium yellow and the medium magenta. You can see the one at the bottom started to bloom and feather a bit. I did not get any blending solution on that section of the paper so there the ink reacted in the normal manner. In the other spots, where I had plenty of blending solution, the color sat in puddles and did not do a thing. Hmmmm. Ok, so that experiment didn’t go as expected.

And I had a decent amount of color on the paper so I turned it sideways and let the color run in drips and runs like I do when I use Dylusions Ink sprays. I did this side to side and top to bottom. I really like the colors I got where the two ran together. What I noticed is this – when the inks combined with the blending solution/alcohol – they did not bloom and feather. They acted more like regular inks. Interesting.

I liked it so much I took the bottle of rose and added a couple drops and made more runs. I really like how the colors are being defined here. Some really yellow areas, some orange where the yellow and pink mixed, and some great reds where the rose sat on top of color that was already drying. Still no blooms and no feathers.

And I kept turning the paper and letting the runs go in other areas.

At some point I added a little more of that lovely rose – red color and when I got to this point I was satisfied. And sat it aside to dry.

And even though this looks like it is still wet – it is not. It is dry. These Brea Reese alcohol inks don’t always act like I expect them to – and that’s ok – but the colors are pretty much always fantastic!

Here I took a new piece of Yupo paper and ran a line of medium magenta across one edge as I held the paper at an angle. Then in just that one section I ran a smaller line of the cadmium yellow. And just let the color blend and run down.

In fact I liked it so much I added more yellow pretty much all the way across the top and let it run down. Then sat this one aside to dry.

Isn’t it beautiful? Looks like fire to me! I need to think of some really special tangles to fill this piece of Yupo and color with! So that’s it for now for the Brea Reese alcohol inks. I like them. A lot! They don’t react like the Ranger inks. They have some of the Ranger’s behaviors but they tend to have their own beliefs about fun ways to play. And I am all about that!

Brea Reese Alcohol Ink
Yupo Paper

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8 thoughts on “One Last Brea Reese Alcohol Ink Technique

  1. Great color. Weird about the blending though.
    Have a great Mother’s Day!

    • thanks, sandra, it’s what I really enjoy doing with art. more than anything else

  2. I can see why you like that final red one – calls for white & black tangling on methinks. You must have pretty interestingly coloured fingers, I’m surprised Aurora hasn’t yet got herself dyed in some way.

    • funny you should mention that. I still have a bit of the medium magenta under one thumbnail. it’s been there for almost 2 weeks now, I’m going to have to cut the nail off to get rid of it. hahahaha! and yes, Aurora would be a mess if I didn’t close the door when I did these. hahahaha! poor kitty

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